• keep open wine fresh
    Keep an Open Bottle of Wine Fresh With These Money-Saving Tips

    As spring morphs into summer, few things feel as good after a long day as enjoying some wine on the deck. Although the wine tastes great and you could drink the whole bottle, you know you shouldn’t. Have a...

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  • best chain burgers
    8 Best Chain Burgers for Less Than $8

    When looking to eat out on a budget, it can be tough. Finding a meal that tastes good but doesn’t cost too much can drive you to things like chicken nuggets. That’s just sad. Instead, go with another...

    • Posted 4 weeks ago
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  • 30 Ways to Save Money at Best Buy, online and in-store

    If you are spending money at Best Buy, there are plenty of ways to save your money (and time) when shopping. We’ve put together a list of thirty Best Buy-specific shopping tips to take advantage of when online at BestBuy.com...

    • Posted 1 month ago
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  • best cheap Super Bowl food
    Best Ways to Save Money on a Super Bowl Party

    The Super Bowl checks off a lot of the boxes regarding American-type celebrations. An overabundance of food. Fast-paced concerts. Ads featuring babies and dogs. Perhaps a little bit of beer. And, of course, football. So if you’re...

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  • saving money at the movies
    Try These 9 Tricks for Saving Money at the Movies

    During your teen-age years, if you ever asked your dad for 20 bucks to go to the movies, you probably received a lecture about spending and saving money at the movies. And if grandpa was around, he...

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  • honeywell air filter reduces power bills
    5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Utility Bills This Weekend

    It’s hot then it’s cold. And then a blizzard hits. And then your street floods. And then it snows again so the floodwaters freeze and all the while your power bill looks like the Rocky Mountains in...

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  • how to install a smart thermostat
    Saving Money With DIY: How to Install a Smart Thermostat

    If you’re interested in installing a smart thermostat in your home, congratulations! This is a great way to control your home’s heating and cooling more efficiently, saving you some money over the long run. (And you’ll save even...

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  • best skylight LED lighting ideas
    7 Best LED Lighting Ideas for Your Home on the Cheap

    It wasn’t that long ago that decorating with lighting occurred during holiday times only. And after several hours of fixing burned out light strings and cussing and untangling light strings and cussing some more, you hopefully had a...

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  • Inexpensive Living Room upgrade
    6 Inexpensive Items to Upgrade Your Living Room this Weekend

    Nothing like winter-weather-induced cabin fever to get your home decorating juices flowing. Spurred on by your utter contempt for everything you currently own, these inexpensive living room decorating tips will keep both your local donation center and...

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  • best movie loyalty clubs
    The 5 Best Movie Theater Rewards Loyalty Programs

    If you’re a regular attendee of your local movie theater, you know how quickly the cost adds up, leaving you looking for ways to save money at the movies. One way to reduce that movie theater bill...

    • Posted 2 years ago
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  • how to replace lawn mower battery
    Save Money With DIY: How to Replace an Outdoor Power Vehicle Battery

    All vehicle batteries eventually fail, unable to hold a charge over time. If you own a riding lawn mower, a golf cart, or an ATV and the battery is several years old, it’s probably time to learn...

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  • how to replace an outlet cover
    Saving Money With DIY: How to Replace an Outdoor Outlet Cover

    Over time, outdoor outlets may start to become unsafe. Spiders may build webs inside them. Water can leak inside the outlet, causing serious problems. That’s why exterior outlets need to have a cover attached to them that...

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