5 Ways You Can Reduce Your Utility Bills This Weekend

By on February 18, 2020

It’s hot then it’s cold. And then a blizzard hits. And then your street floods. And then it snows again so the floodwaters freeze and all the while your power bill looks like the Rocky Mountains in bar graph form. We feel you. We are also here to help you. These quick fixes will reduce your utility bills in short order.

Honeywell Air Cleaner Filter

The air carries a ton of stuff outside of the oxygen and nitrogen we were taught about in school. Air carries allergens, airborne bacteria, pet dander, and viruses. With a premium air filter, like the Honeywell Air Cleaner Filter, you can breathe easy knowing that all that garbage never makes it inside your home. Fresh air filters replaced every six months make it easier for your HVAC to circulate air, cutting down on costs and improving internal air quality.

honeywell air filter reduces power bills

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Deflecto Dryer Duct Cleaning Kit

Not only is your dryer the biggest use of energy in your entire home, it’s also one of the most hazardous. So solve two problems with one solution. By giving your dryer duct a thorough cleaning, removing the dryer lint build up, you’re making it easier for your dryer to do its job while reducing the chances of its spontaneously combusting.

deflecto air duct cleaner reduces power bills

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NRG Toilet Tank Flush Less Water Saver Displacement Bag

Sometimes, the most low tech solutions will save you the most on your utility bills. The NRG Toilet Tank Bag simply takes up space in your toilet tank, reducing the amount of water needed to fill the tank after every flush. It’s a simple, not-so-elegant “gadget” that can help you save for something for more elegant. Like a bidet!

NRG Toilet Tank bag saves on power bill

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Gardner’s Power Strip with Timer

If you’re in the kind of business that requires a timed power strip to improve performance of your grow lights, you probably don’t need to be saving on your power bill. But if you’re in the kind of home that has a smart TV, wireless router, gaming console, computer or two, and a lamp near the entertainment center, you probably do need to save on your power bill. Fun fact: most plugged in devices continue to suck power even after you turn them off with a remote or a button. This Power Strip with Timer will cut everything off at the source at a preset time saving you big bucks overnight or while you’re at work!

power strip with timer reduces power bill

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3M Clear Window Film Insulator Kit

Why the cold air is able to go straight through glass windows, we’ll never understand. Shouldn’t it, you know, be a barrier between the outdoor world? Bygones. The 3M Clear Window Film Insulator easily applies to your single or double-pane windows, reducing the negative impact cold outdoor temps can have on your indoor temps, reducing the amount of effort your heater has to put out to keep your home comfy and warm.

3m window insulation reduces power bill

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