• columbus
    Here’s what to buy (and what to avoid) on Columbus Day Sales

    If you are out shopping this weekend, you may be in luck depending on what you are shopping for due to Columbus Day sales. The majority of Columbus Day sales are usually advertised as four-day sales between...

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  • walmart-grocery-delivery
    Walmart launches $98-per-year ‘Delivery Unlimited’ service nationwide

    Ramping up efforts to compete with Amazon Prime, Walmart has expanded the company’s grocery delivery service to more than 1,400 stores across the United States. It originally launched as a pilot program in Houston, Miami, Salt Lake City...

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  • amazon-dash-button
    Amazon Dash buttons will stop working on August 31, 2019

    If you currently have any Amazon Dash buttons around your home for ordering consumables like paper towels, candy or drinks, those pieces of white plastic will become useless at the end of the month. The Dash buttons...

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  • target-shipping
    Shipping Wars: Target rolls out same-day delivery for U.S. customers

    Announced in a recent blog post, Target is launching same-day delivery for customers via the Shipt shipping service. Available on roughly 65,000 items at launch, Target customers can have their order as soon as an hour using...

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  • amazon-prime-box
    Prime Perk Alert: Free One-Day Shipping officially launches

    Announced in a blog post earlier today, Amazon is officially launching one-day shipping on more than ten million products. That’s roughly ten times the number of products covered compared to when two-day shipping launched more than a decade...

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  • camping
    What to Buy (and what to avoid) on Memorial Day 2019

    We’ve put together a short list of the best categories of products to find on sale during the Memorial Day weekend promotions as well as the product categories you should avoid until another month. Check it out:...

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  • Next Day Shipping Wars: Walmart launches free one-day in Phoenix, Las Vegas

    After Amazon announced a push into next-day shipping for all Prime customers last month, Walmart has responded by announcing free one-day shipping on select products (orders over $35) for two major cities in the United States. Specifically,...

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  • wayfair-living
    Everything you need to know about Wayfair Way Day 2019

    After a first year kickoff in 2018, Wayfair’s Way Day is back for 2019. Here’s everything you need to know about Wayfair Way Day 2019. What is Wayfair Way Day? Playing off the Black Friday-ish, one day...

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  • running
    Waste Not, Want Not: Best Deals to Buy in April

    The start of Spring always brings a new selection of seasonal deals, many of which are geared toward outdoor events such as exercise, home care and clothing that doesn’t have to be hidden by a heavy winter...

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  • newegg
    What is Newegg Premier? 10 Things You Should Know

    Do you do a ton of shopping for tech on Newegg rather than sites like Amazon or Best Buy? Attempting to do to what Amazon did in terms of recruiting loyal consumers, Newegg is offering the perk of expedited...

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  • kohls
    Five Best & Five Worst Things to Buy at Kohl’s

    Looking for the best deals before your next trip to Kohl’s? We’ve identified some of the best product categories that you can find on sale at Kohl’s as well as some of the worst that you will...

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  • back-to-school-shopping
    The Best Time to Find Amazing Back-To-School Deals

    It seems like the school year starts sooner every year. With tax holidays, sales flyers and special promotions to keep track of, it’s tough to make sure you’re saving money when filling up your shopping basket with...

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