Eat, Drink, and Bill Murray: The 11 Best Bill Murray Products

By on March 8, 2024

Forget the Dali Lama… If one man has the power to unite the world, it’s Bill Murray. He’s played scientists, mobsters, bank robbers, Garfield, professional bowlers, and perhaps his most challenging role: himself (at least 3 times). He’s shot hoops with Bugs Bunny and dicked around with Dickens. A living legend, the mere mention of his name evokes giddy joy across generations.

That’s probably why his face is plastered on so many products.

Here are 11 take-home idols of… a god. Not the god.

1. Thrill Murray: A Bill Murray Coloring Book

Thrill Murray: The Bill Murray Coloring Book

What better way to celebrate the career of our favorite adult child than a coloring book. Thrill Murray mixes interpretative surreal art, cinema nostalgia, and crayons for an experience that can release your inner child while you drink a whiskey.

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2. Saint Bill Murray Prayer Candle

Saint Bill Murray Prayer Candle

It’s a seamless transformation to paint Bill Murray as a saint. Almost as if this is his natural state, and the way he looks as a mortal is the illusion. Take a moment to remind yourself that this prayer candle from PurgatoryPenPals is just a joke. We really shouldn’t worship Carl Spackler, right? … Right?

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3. Regal Throw Pillow

Bill Murray Pillowcase

Now that’s more like the version of him we see in our heads. This Regal Throw Pillow Cover (pillow not included) gives the thespian the commanding respect he deserves. From Decorative Arts, who have similar products for Nicholas Cage, Christopher Walken, and more. With all those badges, he’s certainly come a long way since Stripes.

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4. JP London Bill Murray Warhol Wall Sticker

JP London Bill Murray Warhol Wall Sticker

Marilyn Mon-who? If you’re going to stick someone’s face 9 times on your wall, make sure it’s one you won’t get sick off. These 19.75″ x 24″ decals come ready for self-assembly in a Warhol-inspired style.

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5. Bill Murray Earrings

Bill Murray Earrings

Handmade by PistachioMoon, these earrings lend you the charm and charisma of a man known for playing fools. What guy wouldn’t fall in love with a girl sporting the star of Scrooged as an accessory. If you’re skeptical, just look at that smile!

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6. Pop Zipper Pouch and Makeup Bag

Pop Zipper Pouch and Makeup Bag

If you see someone with a brown fedora and a whip you think “Indiana Jones.” Hippie hair and a bath robe, “the Dude.” Likewise, you see a red wool hat and a white beard, it’s Steve Zissou, our favorite fake documentarian. This makeup bag combines a pop aesthetic, ironic print copy, and the unmistakable visage of a well-known oceanographer.

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7. Stripes Key Holder

Stripes Key Holder

John Winger sends you off on your day with this cheerful key holder. Mounted on a lightweight woodblock with secure nail hooks in back, these plaques are available in two different sizes: 5.5″ x 8″ (one hook) or 7.25″ x 10″ (four hooks). For an additional fee, you can even personalize it so that he calls you by name.

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8. Black Bill Lighter

Black Bill Lighter

We don’t really understand it, but there’s something about this professional clown that just so… cool. Maybe it’s his No F*cks Given attitude, maybe it’s that we like a guy who makes us laugh, or maybe it’s just how he looks in a suit. Either way, this classy lighter borrows the dignified air of the man who, in Ed Wood, played “the weird one” in a cast full of weird ones.

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9. Bill Murray 8″ x 10″ Celebrity Photo

Bill Murray 8" x 10" Celebrity Photo

For true Murray fans, just his face is enough to inspire awe. This 8″ x 10″ professional quality print shows the face you’ve come to love, without the fluff or zombie makeup. Hang in on your wall, put it in a heart-shaped frame, or use it to make your own original fun Bill Murray product.

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10. I Heart Bill Murray Coasters

I Heart Bill Murray Coasters

Rest your beverage on Raleigh St. Clair’s face! This set of four coasters is etched on quarter-inch cherry wood in Brooklyn, the Mecca of Murray fans. When he’s not saving the world from ghosts, he’s saving your sensitive table surface from unsightly moisture stains.

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11. Appreciation Series: Bill Murray Poster

Appreciation Series - Bill Murray Poster

Here it is, the ultimate fan memorabilia of Murray fans, which separates the trend-followers from the true believers. This poster from Amy Blue Illustration lists out the 30 best reasons we love Bill Murray. All of his iconic characters (up to The Grand Budapest Hotel), are here, represented by a small headshot. You have all his famous roles like Venkman and Zissou, but also his lesser known roles. Did you know Murray once played Hunter S. Thompson?

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