Spice Up Your Life with These Fantastic Salt and Pepper Shakers

By on March 19, 2024

Salt and pepper go together like… salt and pepper.  (They don’t go together like things, things go together like them!)  We all have salt and pepper in our house, and most of us use them for more than just killing slugs.  But due to their grainy nature, you can’t just keep them in a bowl or throw a pile in your fridge – you need a specially designed salt and/or pepper carrier known to top-level chefs as a “shaker.”

But if you’re using those standard glass 24-hour-diner-in-Jersey shakers, you need to stop!  Have some self-respect, and get a shaker that makes you happy!  Sure, no one needs fancy salt and pepper shakers, you can still get by without them… but you don’t need salt and pepper on your eggs, either, yet something so small can just make the experience more enjoyable.  Isn’t it time you Spice Up Your Salt and Pepper Shakers?

Marvel Superheroes Salt and Pepper Shakers

Marvel Superheroes Salt and Pepper Shakers

Earth’s mightiest heroes join together once again, this time to fight a foe worthy of their strength – bland, tasteless food!  (This has Dr. Doom written all over it…)  These hand-crafted and hand-drawn figures of the Marvel Superheroes Salt and Pepper Shakers bring the fight to your dinner table, with Spider-Man and Thor as one unit and Hulk and the Cap as the other!  Excelsium chloride!

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Fred and Friends Salt and Magic

Fred and Friends Salt and Magic

You know how magic wands work: you say an incantation, sacrifice your soul to Satan (if applicable), and then a magic powder falls out of your wand!  That much is just basic, elementary school science – what they never get into is what the powder is.  What if you needed a spell to make your food better?  Then the “magic powder” is no more than common salt!  In which case, the Fred and Friends Salt and Magic are perfectly appropriate.

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Saruman and Gandalf

Saruman and Gandalf Set

What better way to symbolize the contrast of salt and pepper than with the eternal battle of good versus evil!  Light versus… gray?  Is that right?  The Saruman and Gandalf shakers are pretty epic.  Dandruff won’t be the only flakes falling from these old men’s heads. You can find more designs featured here.

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King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills

King and Queen Salt and Pepper Shakers

We had to do a double-take to make sure these were actually themed salt and pepper shakers instead of just normal ones.  The King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills are pretty similar to regular mills, but true chess fans will recognize the difference right away.

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Superman Vs. Lex Luthor  Set

Superman Vs. Lex Luthor Set

Man, Superman sure was pissed when Luthor used salt to melt all the ice around his Fortress of Solitude!  With the Superman Vs. Lex Luthor Set, you can reenact that classic battle with Luthor’s salt spraying suit and Superman’s pepper-ray vision (one of his lesser known powers).

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They’re both granutaled spices intended to improve the quality of your food – can’t they just get along?  The Saltepper rethinks the separate shakers formula and brings them together as one, where they belong.  Maybe now they can put aside their differences and face the real threat:  oregano.

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Creepy Doll Head Shakers

Creepy Doll Head Shakers

How thoughtless of us – we’re sitting here presenting shakers for normal – perhaps a little nerdy – people, but we forget all about the psychotic killers out there!  What, you assume Kevin Spacey’s character in Seven ate his French fries as-is?  No, he had his own shakers to reflect his personality, like these Creepy Doll Head Shakers.  Mm-mm, we’re getting hungry just looking at them!

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