• toysrus
    Toys R Us can’t figure out how to go out of business correctly

    Legions of bargain hunters showed up at Toys R Us stores today expecting to find liquidation sales in full swing, but were disappointed as many locations displayed signs that the liquidation sale has been delayed. Previously stated to...

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  • March-Madness-Live-app
    Stuck in the office? Here’s how to sneak in your March Madness fix

    Bosses around the country are bracing for the inevitable plummet in productivity from all employees that are interested in shifting brackets, office pools and their hometown team competing in this year’s NCAA national championship tournament. According to...

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  • target-store
    5 Best / 5 Worst Products to Find on Sale at Target

    Looking for the best deals before your next trip to the store with the big red bullseye on it? We’ve identified some of the best products that you can find on sale at Target as well as...

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  • how to install a smart thermostat
    Saving Money With DIY: How to Install a Smart Thermostat

    If you’re interested in installing a smart thermostat in your home, congratulations! This is a great way to control your home’s heating and cooling more efficiently, saving you some money over the long run. (And you’ll save even...

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  • 10 Unusual Subscription Services You Didn’t Know You Wanted

    We all know there are subscriptions for everything these days.  There is something out there for everyone, of course… but what about things you didn’t know you wanted?  Sure, we all love your Amazon subscriptions and the...

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  • best skylight LED lighting ideas
    7 Best LED Lighting Ideas for Your Home on the Cheap

    It wasn’t that long ago that decorating with lighting occurred during holiday times only. And after several hours of fixing burned out light strings and cussing and untangling light strings and cussing some more, you hopefully had a...

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  • mattress-09
    What not to Buy on President’s Day (and what to buy instead!)

    Shopping on President’s Day this weekend? If so, we’ve got some great tips for you. Many of these deals can be found starting on Friday Feb 16th and going all the way through President’s Day on Monday...

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  • tech gadgets low cost inexpensive
    8 Inexpensive Tech Accessories to Enhance your Life

    So maybe you just got back the credit cards bills you’ve been ignoring since Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And Christmas. And maybe you realized you went way overboard on spending this year. And maybe you’re slowly...

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  • best cheap Super Bowl food
    Best Ways to Save Money on a Super Bowl Party

    The Super Bowl checks off a lot of the boxes regarding American-type celebrations. An overabundance of food. Fast-paced concerts. Ads featuring babies and dogs. Perhaps a little bit of beer. And, of course, football. So if you’re...

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  • 5 Kitchen Gadgets that will Upgrade your Meals this Year

    The New Year is a new opportunity to trick yourself into thinking you’ll form new habits in the kitchen. You won’t (statistically, you just won’t). BUT. You will buy yourself some fun new kitchen gadgets that will...

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  • student-loans
    Refinancing Student Loan Debt could save you Thousands

    According to a 2016 study, nearly 70 percent of seniors achieving an undergraduate degree will leave college with more than $35,000 of student loan debt! Resulting in monthly payments around $350 (average in 2012), that’s a decent chunk...

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  • Fitness and Health Apps to Kickstart Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Happy 2018!  A new year means a fresh start, and with that comes a new set of resolutions.  One of the most common resolutions involves one’s health, whether that is to “eat better”, “lose weight”, or “get...

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