Tensky Ionic Hair Dryer Review

By on February 13, 2023

Overall Grade

8 /10


  • - Lightweight
  • - Dries hair quickly
  • - Reduces frizz even with lower heat
  • - Less expensive than a Dyson


  • - Still not cheap
  • - Unsure how long it will hold up
  • - Unfamiliar brand

There was once a brief moment in time I found myself half-seriously entertaining the idea of buying a Dyson hair dryer for $500. When you have thick, frizzy, naturally wavy hair that takes forever to dry, the idea of being able to style it faster will make you think crazy thoughts I guess. As cool as those Dysons look, spending that much money on a hair tool is just out of the question for most people.

Thankfully, we’ve reached the point where there are less expensive options out there…”dupes” as TikTok might call them. I recently tried one of them, the Tensky Ionic Hair Dryer w/ Brushless Motor & LCD Intelligent Display. Priced at $175, it’s still not cheap, but it’s about half the price of even the least expensive Dyson brand dryers.

Is it worth it? Would it tame my hair better and faster than my trusty $20 hair dryer from Target? Let’s find out.


We all know if you want to make something feel “premium”, you package it like an Apple product. The Tensky Dryer comes in a box that looks like it could contain a really big iPhone. It looks and feels very nice.


When I first picked up the Tensky, I was surprised at how lightweight it is. Like it really weighs next to nothing. It’s a nice shape–a lot smaller than my old hair dryer but not too small where it would be hard to hold onto.

There are three buttons: one that turns it on and off, one to adjust the heat, and one to adjust the speed. There are three heat settings (cool air, 120 degrees and 175 degrees) and two speed settings (high and low). There’s a digital display that makes it easy to see where all these settings are at.

The dryer also comes with a magnetic nozzle attachment. I’m gonna be honest and admit I’m not sure when you should/should not use it, so I just kept it on the whole time.

According to the manual, the Tensky has “wind speed” of up to 23m/s (2x faster than traditional hairdryers); they claim it should take 3-5 minutes to dry a head of hair. I was skeptical, but here we go.

First Use

First thing I noticed is how quiet this dryer is. Definitely less shrill sounding than a normal hair dryer, if that makes sense.

I started with the 175 (highest) heat setting because I wanted to see how fast I could get my hair dried with this thing. Somewhat weirdly (but very pleasantly) it never felt very hot on my head. This is a huge complaint of my normal hair dryer–how it feels like it’s scalding my scalp! According to the manual, the Tensky Dryer has a microprocessor that “monitors the air temperature 100 times per second and makes small adjustments” to avoid heat damage. I have no idea how to tell if this was in fact happening, but I did notice my head never got hot.

I didn’t set a timer (I probably should have), but I think my hair took more like 5-7 minutes to dry. I have a lot of it. I could tell it was faster than normal–usually it takes me 10 minutes or so.


It wasn’t a huge super dramatic difference from my normal hair dryer job, but my hair did look straighter and less frizzy after using the Tensky. My goal right now is to use my straightener as little as possible (so as not to damage my hair), and I think this will help make that possible.

I’ll still need to go over some spots, particularly on the back of my head, with a straightener, but you can see there’s a surprising lack of flyaways to contend with.

Overall Thoughts

Will this hair dryer change my life? I mean, probably not. Will it improve my hair styling routine? For sure! Is it as good as a Dyson? That I can’t really say, but I’d have to imagine it’s pretty close.

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