Yaheetech Storage Rack Review

By on September 20, 2022

Overall Grade

7.5 /10


  • - Inexpensive
  • - Big--holds a lot of different sized items
  • - Fairly easy to assemble
  • - Solid for engineered wood


  • - Time consuming to put together
  • - Not as sturdy as real wood
  • - Some unfinished looking details

There are a lot of things I buy online, but furniture usually isn’t one of them. It’s really difficult to know what you’re going to get based solely on a picture. We buy a lot of cheap furniture from IKEA (not investing in anything “heirloom” until my kids are a little less destructive!), and even though everything there comes in a box unassembled, you can still see (and touch!) a sample in the store before you buy. How sturdy/not sturdy it is, the actual color, these things will not be a surprise once it’s all put together.

That said, I decided to live on the wild side and give a furniture piece from Amazon a try–the Yaheetech 8 Tier Kitchen Storage Baker’s Rack ($160). Oddly enough, it’s actually not for my kitchen. I’ve been looking for a storage solution for our mudroom and this thing looked like it would be great for organizing all the random little stuff that accumulates and piles up in this space.

Product image from Amazon


Like IKEA furniture, the Yaheetech Storage Rack came in a giant cardboard box from Amazon, totally unassembled. It was heavy, but not so heavy that I couldn’t drag it from the front door down to the mudroom by myself. Inside were smaller boxes and bags of parts and an instruction booklet. The different bags and boxes were all labeled with letters that corresponded to the instructions.

The instructions were fairly easy to follow. They reminded me a lot of LEGO building instructions actually. If you’ve put together a big LEGO set before, you could definitely handle this thing. The grammar of the written instructions wasn’t the best, but the illustrations were mostly clear enough to follow on their own.

The whole thing took two, maybe two and a half hours to put together. Time consuming, but not too painful.

Build Quality

Overall, for $160, this Yaheetech Storage Rack is pretty nice. It’s not as sturdy as real wood, but for engineered laminate, it feels solid. I’d liken the overall sturdiness to something you’d get at Target or IKEA–it moves around some when you shake it, but definitely doesn’t feel like it’s going to break or topple over.

The piece has sort of an “industrial feel” so maybe this was intentional, but there are a couple details that give away the price point of this piece. One is that you can see the screws from the outside in some places. Is this a big deal for a mudroom? Definitely not. But if it was going in a nice kitchen or dining room, you might want something that looks a bit more finished.


This storage rack holds a lot of stuff! It’s a neat storage solution if you need something for a wide range of item sizes. I was able to put bigger things like paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning supplies on the bottom, and smaller things like sunscreen, bike tools, flashlights, and hockey pucks on the higher shelves. There’s a pull-out bin that worked perfectly for all our assorted safety pads that always end up strewn all over the mudroom.

This storage rack also came with a bunch of metal hooks which worked well for hanging bike helmets on.

Overall Thoughts

For under $200, I’m happy with this piece of furniture. It’s big, it’s pretty sturdy, and it does what I wanted it to do–hold a lot of random stuff in our entryway. Not super fancy, but it’s functional.

Would I buy furniture from Amazon again? This experience definitely made me more likely to take the gamble.

Next up? Do something about the coat rack overflowing with backpacks!

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