7 Best LED Lighting Ideas for Your Home on the Cheap

By on February 1, 2020

best LED string lighting ideas

It wasn’t that long ago that decorating with lighting occurred during holiday times only. And after several hours of fixing burned out light strings and cussing and untangling light strings and cussing some more, you hopefully had a light display that was worthy of oohs and aahs from the neighbors throughout December. Now though, colorful LEDs give you the chance to use lighting as a decorating tool year around. Check out our seven best LED lighting ideas listed here to give you that holiday feeling whenever you want. And they’re so easy to install and use that there’s no cussing required.

Under Cabinet

best under counter LED lighting

You can place LED puck lights or light bars under kitchen cabinets, brightening up a space that’s commonly too dark for working. Puck lights may run from batteries. Or if you go with light bars, they’re easy to install, as long as you have an outlet nearby. You can connect multiple bars to save outlet space. And because LEDs are so inexpensive to operate, you can leave these lights on at night, providing safety to the family member who loves wandering through the kitchen for midnight snacks after everyone else has gone to bed.

One of our favorite inexpensive products for this is LED Concepts LED Light Bars, which are available in warm white and white colors.

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Patio Lighting

If you have an outdoor patio that you use quite a bit at night, strategically placing some LED lights around the patio can serve two purposes. It can provide a fun look with colorful lighting options (or more subtle lighting if you prefer warm white). And it can provide a safety feature, so someone doesn’t step off the edge of an elevated patio or doesn’t miss seeing a staircase.

One of the best products to use for this type of outdoor lighting is the MARQ BrightStrip 5-300S. It contains 300 individual LEDs in a string almost 16.5 feet in length. These LEDs will work either indoors or outdoors. And it ships with a remote control that gives you an almost unlimited number of color options for the lights, so you can change the colors to match the season. The strings of lights have self-adhesive backing for easy installation. You can break the strip to meet whatever lengths you need. However, you will need to have an electrical outlet handy.

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Skylight Lighting

best skylight LED lighting ideas

During the day, a skylight is a great feature, allowing daylight to enter the home. Having that natural lighting available can really change the mood in certain areas of your home.

At night though, you may want to spice up this area with some LED lighting. For example, try using an LED strip or string lights around the edges of the skylight. Use a cool color to simulate twilight.

For a further effect, you perhaps could hang battery powered ATTAV LED Starry String Lights from the skylight, giving off the feeling of starlight through the window.

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Bathroom LED Lighting

best bathroom LED light

You have quite a few options for LED lighting in your bathroom. For example, you could choose to install vanity lights that provide white LED light that’s a perfect type of light to help with applying makeup. And because LED lighting doesn’t heat up like incandescent lights, you won’t end up sweating off all the makeup before you can make it out the door.

There are also a few less practical options. How about the AnGeer LED Multi-color Water Glow Light Shower Head (pictured above)? This unit can cycle through seven different colors, making it appear as though the water is colored. It’s available with square or circular shower heads. This is just weird enough that your child who hates to bathe may become a big fan of taking showers.

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More Bathroom LED Lighting

best bathroom LED light ideas

If your kid loves the lighted shower water, hopefully this next LED bathroom lighting product doesn’t terrify the child. But if you want to make your bathroom safer at night, MAZ-TEK offers its Amazing Toilet Seat Lights. You’ll attach this LED light to your toilet, and it will turn on whenever the motion sensor is activated. Eight different LED colors are available. The suddenly glowing toilet bowl may be a little creepy for a few nights, but at least your son — or husband — no longer will be able to use darkness as an excuse for poor aim in the middle of the night.

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Kids Night Lights

best kids led night lights

Night lights have come a long way from when I was a kid. If I would’ve had some of the cool LED night lights now available, I guarantee I would not have woken up my parents at 3 a.m. as regularly, claiming to be afraid of the dark.

If you choose to go with LED for your child’s night light, you’ll be saving some money on energy. And the light will remain much cooler than traditional incandescent lights, which will be safer if your child likes to get up in the night and wants to tough the night light.

One of my favorite inexpensive LED night lights is the MOKOQI Night Lighting Lamp, which is a star projector for the ceiling of the bedroom. It can rotate between blue, red, yellow, and green lights, or it can stick with one color. And the base is available in either blue or pink.

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Home Security

Best home security lighting

LED lighting is a great option when it comes to enhancing your home’s security. LED lighting is extremely bright, energy efficient, and cost effective over the long run, making it a great option for security lighting. After all, security lighting should be something you can install and then not worry about it.

We recently put together a product guide for home security lighting that can help you find the right LED products to fit your security needs. And if you’re ready to save some money, we at Ben’s Bargains have collected some good deals on security lighting options.

Benefits of LED

LED lighting is a great option for enhancing your home’s design. New options appear on the market almost daily.

And going beyond design choices, there are plenty of good reasons to include LED lighting in your household plan, including the ability to save money with LED lighting. Its energy efficiency and long life span make it a smart choice in a whole host of situations. You may spend a little bit more up front for LED options, but you’ll save money over the long run … potentially a lot of it.


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