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    War of the Tech Companies: The Propaganda Machine

    Developed by graphic designer Aaron Wood of Massachusetts, this collection of propaganda posters takes on the battle for the mind of consumers within the social media and tech gadget space. Within the series, Wood applies the classic 1940’s,...

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  • WEMAX DICE 1080P Portable Projector Review

    In a world with near limitless entertainment options as well as screens in our home to display that entertainment, there are products that are designed to take a bit of that comfort with us on the road....

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  • Fitness and Health Apps to Kickstart Your New Year’s Resolutions

    Happy 2019!  A new year means a fresh start, and with that comes a new set of resolutions.  One of the most common resolutions involves one’s health, whether that is to “eat better”, “lose weight”, or “get...

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  • Using Google Play Rewards to Pay for Your Mobile Apps

    Have you heard of Google Play Rewards? I can’t blame you if you haven’t–it’s not the most advertised app around. However, the app can help you earn Google Play credit, which you can then in turn use to...

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    2016 Tech Gift Guide: Best Smartwatches

    Looking for the best smartwatches to give as gifts this holiday season? We’ve collected our top favorites this year, the majority of which have nothing to do with that popular fruit company in Cupertino. Check out our...

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    The Ben’s Bargains app now offers iPad support, new design

    We’ve just updated the Ben’s Bargains mobile app for both iOS and Android devices (version 1.2), specifically with a sleeker design to showcase more deals. In addition to the new design, we’ve also added landscape support on iOS...

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  • Android-bens-bargains
    Introducing the new Ben’s Bargains mobile app

    Launching on Google Play for Android users recently (LINK) and iOS today (LINK), the new Ben’s Bargains mobile app incorporates all the account functionality found on the main site in a compact, speedy package with more features than our mobile Web...

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  • aukey-battery-charger
    Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 10000mAh Battery Review

    Power is always a necessity in today’s world of smartphones, tablets, laptops and every other mobile device that we carry around. Battery manufacturers have certainly recognized this need, thus the influx of portable battery chargers has somewhat...

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  • Shopkick lands a Times Square building display.
    The Shopping Apps You Need to Survive Another Holiday

    The holidays may be swiftly passing us all by, but the gift of giving will never go away. Now that you’ve gone through the shopping mall ringer once again, surely having compiled new strategies in the wake...

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  • inkcase-plus-call
    Shut Up and Take My Money: InkCase Plus E-ink Screen

    Hate watching the battery life drain away on your smartphone throughout the day? The developers of the original InkCase are working on a new product for Android smartphones to help relieve battery usage. Built into a case for...

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  • The demise of Flappy Bird…Here’s how you can keep playing!

    If you haven’t heard, the insanely popular (and difficult) iPhone and Android mobile game Flappy Bird has been removed from both the App Store and Google Play store as of yesterday. The developer of the game, Nguyen Ha...

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  • Android R2D2 Star Wars
    20 Halloween Costumes for Google’s Android Robot

    Created by the fine folks over at Stock Logos, this collection of illustrations combines potential Halloween costume ideas with Google’s mascot, the Android robot. Pop culture references in the collection include sources such as Star Wars, Angry Birds, Avatar,...

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