Don’t Sweat It: 6 Tips for Smelling Great in the Summer Heat

By on April 18, 2017

tips for smelling great in summer

The best thing about spring and summer is the ability to spend more time outdoors. But more time outdoors usually means physical activity and sweat. No one want to smell bad after a few hours sweating in the sun. So if you’re worried about summer stink, try these tips for smelling great in summer that don’t cost a lot of money!

1. Body Spray

best body spray for men

If you’re in a hurry and need to try to cover up a sweaty stench, there’s nothing that can do the job quite like body spray. Sure, you don’t want to overdo the body spray and end up smelling like your 13-year-old nephew. So just take it easy with the amount you wear, and it’ll help mask sweaty odors until you have time for a proper shower or bath.

Best body spray for men: Axe Body Spray for Men is a popular choice that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

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Best body spray for women: The Victoria’s Secret Body Mist is available in five different scents, and it carries a reasonable price point.

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2. Baby Wipes

best baby wipes

Another option when you’re in a hurry is a sponge bath of sorts. Baby wipes have some antibacterial properties and disinfectants that can help clean your sweaty body when you don’t have time for a proper shower or bath.

Baby wipes will remove dirt and sweat that’s causing the unpleasant odor. Think about it: Babies almost always smell great. So there’s nothing wrong with smelling like a baby.

Best baby wipes: The Pampers Baby Wipes Sensitive product is a very popular item for babies, so it’ll work well in this circumstance too at a very low price point.

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3. Use Moisturizer

best moisturizer for skin

If you regularly use a moisturizer on your skin, it helps combat sweaty odor. Your moisturized skin will maintain whatever fragrance you’re using for a longer amount of time than dry skin. So if you use a moisturizer daily, the perfume or body spray you use will hold off the sweaty smell for a longer amount of time versus having dry skin.

Best Moisturizer: Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion works for a 24-hour period. It’s such a popular product, it might not even need Jennifer Aniston as a spokesperson.

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4. Long-Lasting Antiperspirant Deodorant

best antiperspirant for women

We understand armpits are not something fun to talk about, but wearing antiperspirant deodorant helps reduce poor body odor on a hot day.

The antiperspirant part of this product will help you sweat less in your armpits. And the deodorant part of this product will have a pleasant smell, which should help you avoid sweaty stink for a longer period of time.

If you’re especially worried about using a strong enough antiperspirant deodorant, try a clinical-strength or prescription-level product.

Best Antiperspirant Deodorant for Women: The Secret Clinical Strength product is available in three different scents and claims to provide up to 48 hours of protection.

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Best Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men: One of the more popular high strength antiperspirant deodorants for men is the Dove Men+Care Clinical Protection product, which offers 48 hours of protection.

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5. Use Natural Mineral Salts

best natural mineral salts

Rather than using antiperspirant deodorants on your body in places other than your armpits, you can try natural mineral salts. Some deodorants can be harsh on your skin, so the natural mineral salts offer a more gentle option when used on your body, away from your armpits.

You can use these natural mineral salts on parts of your body where you sweat a lot. (You don’t need to let us know which parts those are.)

Best Natural Mineral Salts Stick: The Crystal Body Deodorant stick is unscented, meaning it’ll work for both women and men. One stick will last for several months, all for just a few bucks.

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6. Deodorize Your Shoes

best shoe deodorizer

Most people don’t think much about what their shoes smell like, but they can contribute to poor body odor on a hot day. Sure, your shoes are not part of your body. But they do hold odors, and any time you’re wearing the shoes, those odors are traveling with you.

You can use a variety of products to deodorize your shoes, including inserts, baking soda, sprays, and other products.

Best Shoe Deodorizer: Our favorite product for deodorizing shoes is the Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags, which you’ll place in your shoes overnight. They’ll soak up moisture and odors while you’re sleeping, making your shoes smell fresh the following day. This is a much neater process than using messy deodorizing sprays or powders.

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Bonus Tip: Watch What You Eat

If you eat foods high in fats and other unhealthy aspects, the sweat leaving your pores over the next several hours or more will probably have more of an unpleasant odor than if you’re eating healthy foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. So when you know you’re going to be working outdoors and sweating a lot the next day — but you need to avoid having bad, sweaty body odor — watch your diet.

Additionally, make sure you’re hydrating smartly throughout your time outdoors. If you’re body is well hydrated, your sweat will have a higher concentration of water, and the odor will be limited.

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