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By on March 21, 2016


Launched in 2015, Paribus is a service that auto-scans the email inbox associated with your online shopping accounts in order to monitor for price drops. Paribus looks at the invoices generated by online retailers, pulls the products that you have purchased and watches for price changes over the period of time that you are allowed to request a price adjustment.

It’s fairly common practice for online retailers to offer a price adjustment if the price falls within a week or two of making a purchase. However, very few people continue watching the price of a product that they have already purchased. That’s the beauty of Paribus; it monitors everything for you, basically a set it and forget service. Paribus does all the requesting of refunds as well, thus you just wait for refund alerts to hit your inbox.

Of course, Paribus doesn’t do all this for free. Paribus takes a 25 percent cut of any refund that it can find for you. However, no money will be requested from you if they can’t find any refunds. In addition, that figure can be reduced by 5 percent for each person you refer to the service, basically bringing it down to zero if you refer five people that sign up (Terms & Conditions).

Be aware that you have to supply Paribus with access to your email inbox. To avoid the security concern of supplying them access to a personal email address, we recommend linking Paribus to an email account specifically setup only for your online shopping. While Paribus claims they use multi-level security to keep intruders out of your email inbox, better safe than sorry by using a dummy account.

Paribus doesn’t support all online retailers, but it does support the big ones. Some of the supported retailers include Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Newegg, Staples, Macy’s and Old Navy. You can find a full list here. It also supports the major email services including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

You can read more about Paribus at the company’s site. There’s also a FAQ page if you have further questions. Here’s a short video below that explains it as well:

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