• ThinkGeek Capsule Subscription Box Review

    ThinkGeek is jumping on the subscription box train with the ThinkGeek Capsule, a box chock full of nerdy goods from one of the top companies for nerd swag. It’s seems like a no brainer for anyone that...

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  • GameStop Banner
    What GameStop Buying ThinkGeek Could Mean for the Two Stores

    GameStop and ThinkGeek, two companies with equally unhealthy desires to upend accepted capitalization norms, are become one, anointed a holy companionship by the economic powers of pop culture collectibles and very large sums of cash. More specifically,...

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  • Game of Thrones ThinkGeek Throne Replica
    Here’s the Best Game of Thrones ThinkGeek Swag

    We’ve hit the halfway mark in the current season of Game of Thrones, which means alliances are set to be demolished, betrayals revealed in only the most violent fashion. In preparation for the impending soul wrenching, allow yourself...

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  • Rocket Raccoon Plush ThinkGeek Guardians of the Galaxy
    Lately on ThinkGeek: Rocket Racoon, Pillows and Yoga Pants

    The internet’s intersection of geekery and shopping addiction, ThinkGeek.com, is always spurring out some new licensed goodies for the masses. We’d like to take a moment and highlight some of their best new products from over the...

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  • Spidey-Sense
    This is a Thing: Spidey Sense T-Shirt with Proximity Sensor

    Launched at the comic book nirvana known as Comic-Con, the “Tingling Electronic Spidey Sense Shirt” is a new product from ThinkGeek. On the back of the shirt located at the neckline, a large proximity sensor kicks in...

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