6 Inexpensive Items to Upgrade Your Living Room this Weekend

By on February 1, 2018

Inexpensive Living Room upgrade

Nothing like winter-weather-induced cabin fever to get your home decorating juices flowing. Spurred on by your utter contempt for everything you currently own, these inexpensive living room decorating tips will keep both your local donation center and bank account happy. Once you’ve charitably pilfered your goods away, keep reading to shop for some creative albeit budget-friendly decoration upgrades.

Carry About Vase

Toss your grandmothers keepsakes that you never wanted anyway. Replace them with these Carry Around Vases, sold as one but worth buying a couple extra. Adding height and reflective surfaces to your living room is a quick and simple way to open up the room.  These will do wonders for your coffee table or curio cabinets. Pop in a trio of wild flowers or start a miniature succulent garden to capitalize on their airy, clean appearance.

All Modern Carry About Vase living room decorating upgrade

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Olivia + Poppy Simoney Peonies Floral and Botanical Peel and Stick Wallpaper Roll

It’s not for commitment phobes, wallpaper that is. So this gorgeous Olivia + Poppy peel + stick is a great starter version for those interested in upgrading their living room without the responsibility or expense. This type of inexpensive decoration works for dorm rooms, apartments, rentals, and small spaces. With a super sharp pair of scissors and a couple extra ounces of patience, a steady hand and weekend are all you need to master this temporary, impactful upgrade.

peel and stick wall paper inexpensive living room upgrade

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Tucson Console Table

High on stuff but low on funds? This Tucson Console Table slides behind your sofa and gives your Roku remote, library book, Kindle, cell phone, tablet, wine glass, and growler a resting place for the evening while you Netflix and chill without the clutter. For less than the cost of a night out on the town, this gives you just one more excuse to stay in. #treatyoself

console table for behind the couch as an inexpensive living room upgrade

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Sunnydaze Decor Zen Ventless Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

If your recent outdoor Tinder date went as well as you expected, there’s a chance your going to want to bring them over for a glass of wine by the fireplace. But as luck would have it, your condo didn’t come with a fireplace. Or washer and dryer, but that’s another issue entirely. This sweet little tabletop fireplace brings some zen to your den on the cheap, firing up the night in a safe but affordable kind of way.

table top fire place to upgrade your living room

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BelleBotanica Watercolor Herbs Print Set No. 1

There is something so elegant and ethereal about this print set from BelleBotanica. It’s simple. It’s clean. It’s quick. Pick up some 5×7 inch frames from Hobby Lobby on the super cheap to square out your new art gallery. Bonus points to the weekend warrior that also plants some of these varietals on their back porch for a true upgrade.

watercolor wall art inexpensive living room upgrade

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Litex Brushed Nickel Mesh Min Pendant Shade

Here’s a bright idea! Replace all the lamp shades on the pendant lights suspended from the ceiling above the coffee table in your living room! This inexpensive upgrade will make the whole room shine in a brand new way! The brushed nickel mesh also helps to give your living space a more masculine feel, which works well in conjunction with the more flowerly items seen earlier in this post.

mini mesh pendant lamp shade inexpensive living room upgrade

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