Lately on ThinkGeek: Rocket Racoon, Pillows and Yoga Pants

By on March 2, 2015

The internet’s intersection of geekery and shopping addiction,, is always spurring out some new licensed goodies for the masses. We’d like to take a moment and highlight some of their best new products from over the past couple of weeks, particularly those with a flair for the ridiculous and endearing. To start, here are some yoga pants.

ThinkGeek Shield Yoga Pants

At ThinkGeek

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. went on a break while the other Marvel comic book show,  Agent Carter, took the spotlight on ABC. That’s all done and over now, as Agent Coulson and his embattled team try to deal with their latest threat, the newly Inhuman Sky come March 3. Naturally, you should be wearing yoga pants for the occasion, just in case you end up jumping out of your seat. Or something. File this one under ridiculous, but it’s an exclusive ridiculous for ThinkGeek and, as such, deserves to be seen by all.

Next up we have something with far less utility but far more fluffiness, the more important quality in random internet things.

Rocket Raccoon Plush ThinkGeek Guardians of the Galaxy

At ThinkGeek

Guardians of the Galaxy is forever cemented as a bastion of merchandising for Marvel, which in no small way is due to Rocket Raccoon and Groot’s partnership as heroes of texture, the tangible and the not. Consider the above plush a peek into the damaged psyche of our violent raccoon friend, a wee baby just trying to eek out a smile while everybody tries to kill and torture each other.

Tetris 3D Cushions Pillows ThinkGeek

At ThinkGeek

Did you ever feel like something was amiss in your living room? Like something didn’t “fit,” per se? Or maybe you just weren’t satisfied with a lack of the in-your-face, I’m a gigantic nerd kind of furnishing the type-A expressive inside you desires so strongly. In any case, here are pillows that fit together, you nutcase.

Borderlands 2 Moxxi Replica Gun Cosplay ThinkGeek

At ThinkGeek

Fair warning: this replica Borderlands 2 gun, Moxxi’s Bad touch, which she gives you in-game after enough tips, is overpriced nonsense, but it’s the kind of rare, overpriced nonsense that drives the very soul of dedicated cosplayers worldwide. Take a deep breath. It’s $650. Only 500 units will be produced. Only 500 people will ever know the simultaneous shame and pride of owning such a thing.

Aliens Minimates ThinkGeek

At ThinkGeek

I’ve included these two Aliens Minimates for the singular purpose of reigniting our faith in online shopping after baring witness to the ludicrous Moxxi’s Bad Touch replica. We need a break. These guys only cost $6. And they can fit in your pocket. How quaint.

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