• ewok
    Four-legged Fanboys Rejoice! 9 Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Dogs

    While human beings have long since enjoyed the luxury of getting to prance around as Star Wars Stormtroopers, Sith Lords, and Jedi Knights during Sci-Fi conventions, Halloween, and casual Fridays, for years man’s best friend has been unjustly...

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  • devon-works-star-wars-watch
    Five Ridiculously Overpriced Star Wars Toys / Collectibles

    Of course, there’s one thing that Disney knows quite a bit about: overcharging customers. Here’s a batch of toys and collectibles that you should absolutely avoid, unless you like using stacks of one hundred dollar bills for...

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  • nerf-wookie-bowcaster
    Shoot like a Stormtrooper: 5 Best Star Wars NERF Toys

    This first generation of NERF Star Wars toys will likely lay the groundwork for more advanced toys modeled after large blasters in all future Star Wars films. However, there’s plenty to appreciate in this group of toys, ideal for killing...

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  • Stormtrooper Square Enix Figure Star Wars
    Stormtrooper, code name ‘Come At Me Bro’, reporting for duty

    It’s easy to look past the Stormtroopers of the Star Wars universe with your nose tipped up, an expectation of buffoonery and inadequacy brimming from your nostrils. They’re essentially space lemmings, even worse so than the droids due to...

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  • Star Wars and Thomas Kinkade Art: Rancor Massacre
    As Seen on the Internets: Star Wars and Thomas Kinkade Collide

    Created by U.S. based artist Jeff Bennett, this collection of artwork combines the hotel-wall fodder that is Thomas Kinkade art with awesome elements ripped from the Star Wars universe. Seen romping through serene countryside, Star Wars characters and objects...

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  • iron-man-captain-stormtrooper
    What if The Avengers were Star Wars Stormtroopers?

    Developed by artists Jon Bolerjack and JJ Kirby, the duo created a series of illustrations that places five characters from Marvel’s Avengers in the Star Wars universe. Working with the Empire to battle Republic scum, the characters have...

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  • LEGO stormtrooper giving out free hugs
    13 Amusing Photos of LEGO Star Wars Characters

    The combination of Star Wars characters and LEGOs is definitely a popular mixture. Just look at the wildly popular LEGO Death Star set, a 3,800 piece behemoth that likely takes hours upon hours to complete. Or perhaps...

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