Stormtrooper, code name ‘Come At Me Bro’, reporting for duty

By on March 31, 2015

It’s easy to look past the Stormtroopers of the Star Wars universe with your nose tipped up, an expectation of buffoonery and inadequacy brimming from your nostrils. They’re essentially space lemmings, even worse so than the droids due to their supposed conscience. Choice is a funny thing. This Stormtrooper Star Wars figure, for instance, chose to be an insane badass that could probably take down an armada of Republic forces all by himself.

Stormtrooper Square Enix Star Wars Figure

Square Enix, normally a maker of video games and other related media, is starting up line of variant Star Wars  figures. Back in December the company revealed the first of the set, a Darth Vader with a certain Japanese warrior lean. He’s due out sometime in May for about $100, according to The Toyark.

Darth Vader Square Enix Star Wars Figure

The Stormtrooper, on the other hand, is due out in July at the same price point, as is this variant Boba Fett.

Boba Fett Square Enix Star Wars Figure

It seems if you were already a ruthless and feared individual, you need a ragged cape to up your game. The Stormtroopers, on the other hand, just needed to get that dopey expression off their collective faces.

Stormtrooper Square Enix Star Wars Figure

Darth Vader Square Enix Star Wars Figure

Square Enix Star Wars Figure

At 11 inches tall apiece, each figure comes with a number of accessories. According to The Toyark, “The Boba Fett will include interchangeable hands, a heavy blast, a pistol, knives, flamethrower effect, jetpack effects and a figure stand. The Stormtrooper will come with interchangeable hands, a heavy blaster, a blaster pistol, a pistol effect piece and a figure stand.”

The Dark Vader figure “features numerous accessories including a lightsaber, a lightsaber with movement effect, interchangeable hands, a left hand with a special effect, and a figure stand.”

For more pictures, head over to The Toyark’s respective posts on the Stormtrooper and Boba Fett, and Darth Vader. You’ll find a number of shots on those movement effect pieces, which are actually pretty cool. Here’s my favorite one for the lazy people:

Darth Vader Square Enix Star Wars Figure Movement EffectWhile Star Wars figures are nothing new, we’ve been seeing an uptick in superhero-related products in the past few years. I’m sure you can guess why. Just last month we ran a piece on some sweet Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron figures from Kotobukiya and Hot Toys, in anticipation of the upcoming film.

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