• 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Toys Worth Buying

    We’ve reached the point where everything under the sun must be “smart” or have Bluetooth or connect with an app. Sometimes these features seem pointless, sometimes they are just straight laughable (smart egg carton, really?). But other...

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  • Sonic Bomb Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
    5 Evil Alarm Clocks That Will Force Snooze Addicts to Wake Up

    Have you ever chosen snoozing over your job? For some of us, it’s a critical decision we make every single day of our lives. Those first moments in the early morning are a chaotic warzone where your...

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  • gift-cards
    The Complete Guide for Managing Your Gift Cards

    Yet another holiday season has passed and many Americans have a new stack of gift cards to spend during post-holiday sales or throughout the year. Gift card spending increased a bit in 2017, hitting roughly 27.6 billion...

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  • 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Toys that Live Up to the Hype

    There are a lot of toys out there. And they’re all trying to get your kids’ attention by being the coolest, the greatest, the most extremely ultimate toy that the world has ever seen. So which toys...

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  • BloomThat
    Oh Crap, I Forgot Mother’s Day! 7 Last Minute Gift Ideas

    It’s no big deal that you forgot Mother’s Day. You’re just a horrible son or daughter with no appreciation for the tireless sacrifices of the woman that gave you life, that’s all. But fear not — there’s...

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  • valentines-day-dinner
    This is why guys shouldn’t dislike Valentine’s Day

    Wait just a minute, is Valentine’s Day actually easier for guys than we think? According to the results of our Valentine’s Day survey of 1,500 consumers, the answer is yes. Here’s why: The Plan: Nearly 7 out...

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  • chewie-messenger-bag
    5 Superb Gifts for Someone Brand New to Star Wars

    Do you have a friend who just woke up from a 40-year coma? Are you trying to convert your significant other into a Star Wars fan before The Force Awakens comes out? We can help! Star Wars Complete...

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  • darth-vader-showerhead
    11 Unique Star Wars Gifts for the Fan Who has Everything

    You may know someone like this. They can amazingly recite lines or remember character names from all seven movies with no less than a second of hesitation. They can talk to you at length about Who Shot First...

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  • Christmas gift reactions
    10 Christmas Gift Reactions That Would Even Make the Grinch Smile

    While receiving gifts is always fun, giving gifts is substantially more rewarding, especially when the recipient has a unique reaction. Frantic screaming, incredulous remarks, tears of joy, it’s all covered below. Make sure to adjust the volume on...

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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
    The 10 Best Holiday Games That Aren’t GTA V

    Despite what we tell grandma, our favorite part of the holidays is not her roast turkey. The tradition we most look forward to year-after-year is filling the free hours of our vacation with new games! Dating back...

    • Posted 6 years ago
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  • comic_cover
    10 Essential Graphic Novels Worth Reading This Week

    With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner (seems like it comes around faster every year!), comic books and graphic novels are now on everyone’s mind. To help gear up for the big event, I thought it...

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