Retro Cassette Tape iPhone 5 Case Review

By on September 25, 2013

Overall Grade

9 /10


  • -Stylish
  • -Inexpensive
  • -Adds Protection and Grip without Bulk


  • -Won't Protect Much Against Severe Damage
  • -Eventually can be Stretched Out
  • -Sometimes Need Some Cutting Modification

A pair of new iPhones are out, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. If 9 million units sold in the first weekend is any indication, quite a few folks just got a new phone. When you consider how many other people likely received a hand-me-down phone as a side effect, the conclusion is clear: Millions of people need new iPhone cases. If you were unaware, standard iPhone 5 cases will work on the iPhone 5S.

Therefore, let me share my favorite, by far, line-up of phone cases. The iPhone Silicone Cassette Tape case, which I have used for about two years. Before that, I also had a Silicone Cassette Tape Case for a Samsung Galaxy. If my continued brand loyalty does not illustrate the obvious, these are awesome freakin’ cases.

Endless Style Choices

I was very hesitant to try out  the Silicone Cassette Case. I recalled seeing a few cheap MP3 players that were shaped like audio cassettes, and while looking and considering one as a gag gift, I came upon the Silicone Cassette case. The cases looked cool, but I wasn’t sure how much I would like a soft rubber phone case. And only seeing the products online, there were a kind of a blind-buy.

Audio cassettes may be pieces of junk, but — with no small degree of help from Hasbro’s SoundWave Decepticon Transformer — they carry the perfect degree of retro cool. That said, these silicone cases come in a massive variety of similar designs and colors including Nintendo Game Boy and LEGO-style designs and Hello Kitty. These cases downplay the actual phone while still catching eyes with a fun case design.

Level 2 Protection

If you routinely launch your phone into asphalt parking lots while doing tricks on your motorcycle or phish your phone out of the bottom of the pool after a question mark filled evening, these cases are not going to cut it for you. Silicone sleeves only protect the phone’s housing from minor scratches and absorb minor impact along the lines of falling off of the bed. But they do give the phone a much better grip in hand or sitting on the car’s center console, and do a nice job of dissipating heat, so much so that the rare times I use the phone without the case, I am startled how much the phone heats up.

Cassette Tape iPhone 5 cases leave the screen, camera, flash, speakers, ports and some buttons exposed, which is exactly how I prefer. In the past I have had cases where small bits of dirt or dust getting trapped between the case and phone and cause bad scratches, no such issue here. The iPhone’s lock button is covered by the silicon case, but the cassette edge bulge forms the perfect button enlargement.

Silicone Cassette Tape Galaxy and iPhone 5 cases

iPhone Bonus

Not only is the iPhone’s lock button improved by the soft rubber case, but each of the phone’s four corners get a nice mass of rubber too, acting as awesome bumpers for the areas most likely to contact the floor/concrete first after a drop. The flat cassette sides also allow the phone to stand up for media playback, which can be a big bonus when wanted.

Biggest Issues

A few times, I purchased one of these cases, only to find the bottom apple port area covered. Fortunately, even an all-thumbs type such as myself can easily cut out the obstructing piece of rubber. These cases slip on and off very easily, which can be good if you have some kind of crazy dock, but can also be bad. Months of slipping the phone in and out of my front pocket can cause the phone case to stretch slightly. The overall effect of which, is the cases start out perfectly snug and wind up a bit loose.

Biggest And Frankly Unbeatable Feature

While the cases can become stretched out under prolonged types of wear and tear, the cases are so cheap — roughly two dollars a piece — they are basically disposable. I usually buy them in packs of three, though I favor the black version since it really sells the cassette look. In fact, it’s so convincing, some of my older relatives think cassette tape iPhone 5 cases are meant to deceive thieves, a notion not normally worth correcting.

Note: Unlike silicone gloves or Halloween masks, these cases don’t carry that silicon powder and/or cheap product smell.  If anything, they are more like the rubber feet on nicer electronics, or even the soles off a pair of basketball shoes.

In Conclusion

Silicone Cassette iPhone 5 cases will not fit everyone’s style needs, but there are dozens of similar alternatives. On the protection side, they have kept my phones scuff free, but more demanding owners will want to keep their Otter Boxes. Again, these cases are so cheap and fun, I have on occasion given them to friends as stocking stuffers.

Classic Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 4S

Classic Cassette Tape Silicone Case for iPhone 5S

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