Is it Purrfect? Our ‘Cat Lady Box’ Subscription Review

By on February 15, 2017

Overall Grade

9 /10


  • - Unique cat themed items.
  • - Toys are high quality that cats will love.
  • - Items for both cats and cat owners, so surprises for everyone.


  • - Monthly charge hits extremely early in the month, possibly before you get the previous month's box.

There are a fair amount of pet related subscription boxes out there on the market.  These boxes tend to focus on treats and toys for your cat or dog, and it’s a nice monthly surprise for your pet.  But what about you, the pet owner?  As the person that cares and provides for their pets, don’t you deserve a reward for your undying love of your furry friends?

That’s where the Cat Lady Box comes in.  The Cat Lady Box provides a sampling of items for the cat lover, and sometimes even some toys for your feline friend, depending on what version of the box you buy.  But, is the cat themed swag worth the price of entry?

Cat Lady Box

He knows there’s something in there for him…

Before getting into the items, let’s talk a little about the Cat Lady Box itself.  There are two versions of this box to choose from:  The Cat Lady Box, which costs $35 a month and gets you the two or three cat themed items of the month; and the Crazy Cat Lady box, which at $40 a month also nabs you two cat toys on top of the themed items.  The full Crazy Cat Lady box was purchased for this review.

Now, the box is billed monthly automatically, and money will be taken out of your account on the 6th of every month.  This leads to my largest gripe with the Cat Lady Box… the box of the month doesn’t ship until either the very end of the previous month, or the beginning of the month, and oftentimes you don’t get your box before you’re charged for the next one.  It’s frustrating on a timing level, because if you want to wait to see what kind of items you get from a box before deciding to continue the subscription, you might end up getting charged when you don’t want to be.  On the flip side, though, it’s immensely easy to cancel and reinstate a subscription, so the problem can be avoided with some attention to billing dates.

The theme for February 2017 is Meowlentine’s Day, the perfect holiday to celebrate with your feline friends.  The total retail value of the box (according to the information card, as these are all exclusive items) comes out to around $80, which is double the price I paid for the box.  A pretty good deal!  Let’s look at the items:

Links of Kitty Love Necklace

What a cute little piece of jewelry!  I’m always worried with pet related stuff that it might be too gaudy, but these little cat-shaped links are adorable!  It’s perfect for showing your love of cats without being too… blunt about it.  I didn’t take it out of the package, as I’m thinking of giving to someone else as a nice gift.  It even comes in a easy to wrap box!

Kitty Cat Backup Charger

Honestly, I think this looks a bit more like an owl than a cat, but I’m really not complaining.  I’ve needed a power brick for when the power randomly gives out, so it does the job nicely for me, and it’s neat looking to boot!  The information card says it’ll “charge an iPhone almost two full charges”, so while it’s not the most heavy duty backup charger you could get on the market, it’s perfect for an emergency charge or just if you’re out all day.  This item also makes a great gift if you already have a power brick lying around.

Teddy Bear Rug

Dinosaur added for size comparison because the cats didn’t feel like modeling.

This is essentially a cat bed that’s shaped like a bear skin rug.  How adorable and perfect for the romantic holiday!  It’s pretty much normal sized for a cat bed, and one cat can sleep on it comfortably.  Or, I assume they could, as my cats didn’t want to sleep on the bed.  They’d rather sleep in the box the bed and other items came on… like any self respecting cat would.  But, it’s quite soft, and it does look pretty neat sitting around.

Choco-Nip Strawberry with Catnip

Okay, there’s no actual chocolate in this, that would be silly, it’s a catnip toy shaped like a chocolate covered strawberry.  That’s another nice Valentine’s Day themed item, and this is one of the two cat toys that came in the Crazy Cat lady box.  Fun fact, I had to take this picture really fast because….

…then my cat Sissel stole it right from the dresser top and proceeded to play with it non stop for at least an hour.  Needless to say this toy is a hit with the cats; the small size makes it easy for them to play fetch with, and there’s catnip inside, so obviously they love it.

Purrfect Play Love Dice

Here’s the second cat toy for the Crazy Cat Lady Box.  It’s a playful rendition of love dice, with more cats oriented things to do should you “roll” one up.  But really, it’s just more of a catnip toy.

I got Reila to play with it a bit while she pouted over not being the first one to grab the strawberry, but the former toy was still the clear winner amongst the cats–the dice is simply too big for their tastes, although it’s a fine toy in and of itself.  My cats just weren’t interested in it for long.

I’m personally very pleased with the Cat Lady Box!  There’s a nice spread of cute and unique cat themed items, and definitely a bunch of things you normally wouldn’t see in a typical pet store.  I also like how closely most of the items stuck to the theme of the month… the backup charger might be an odd fit for a Valentine’s Day box, but the other four items invoked the spirit of the holiday well.  The early billing date for the box is a bit of a downer, but considering the quality and value of the first box I got, I can’t be too upset about getting another one.

If you’re a cat owner, or have a cat lover in your life, this box is well worth it.

Order the Cat Lady Box here!

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