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By on May 25, 2013

Arrested Development Cast

One day! 24 hours! 1440 minutes! Can you believe it? The new, ridiculously highly-anticipated season of Arrested Development will be released (in its entirety) on Sunday. Just in case you haven’t already re-watched every episode (multiple times) in preparation of this monumental occasion, here’s a quick recap of facts we learned about our favorite dysfunctional family at the end of the last season to get you all caught up.

Lindsey was Adopted; is 40.

Lindsey Bluth

While Lindsay is quite glad and relieved to hear she’s not actually a Bluth, she is not happy to learn that she’s 40 years old (not the 37 she had thought). When she tries to get with Michael (because now he’s not her biological brother and all), he tells her he’s “not that into older women.” Ouch.

Maeby and George Michael are not “Real” Cousins.

Maeby and George Michael Wedding

Good thing, because they made it to “second base” a few episodes prior. Oh yeah, and they’re also married (they thought they were participating in a fake wedding* to entertain Alzheimers patients, but turns out it was a legal ceremony). *I looked for a clip of their wedding on Youtube but could only find George Michael/Maeby Funke “tribute videos.” Here’s one titled Call Me Maeby.

Gob is Dating Ann.

George Michael punching Gob

Apparently he found her funny or something. George Michael finds out, punches Gob in the face and sails away on his uncle’s yacht (named “The C-Word,” of course).

George Sr. is Cleared of Everything.

George Sr. in prision

Turns out George Sr. was actually helping the CIA spy on Saddam Hussein, not working with him. The Bluth Company has a big party aboard The Queen Mary to celebrate his exoneration.

Lucille is About to be Arrested Instead.

Lucille Bluth escaping in the Queen Mary

We learn it was actually Lucille who was the mastermind behind the Bluth Company and all its crimes. Thanks to Annyong (the Korean kid Lucille and George Sr. adopted to look more charitable), who has been spying on Lucille and reporting back to the SEC.

Buster Faces his Biggest Fear.

Buster and the seal in Arrested Development

As SEC agents raid the exoneration party in the final minutes of the season 3 finale, Lucille grabs ahold of the Queen Mary’s wheel and tries to make a run for it, causing poor Buster to fall into the ocean. There, he comes face to face with his biggest fear: the very seal that bit off his hand. Will he lose his other hand? Will he use his “army” skills to exact revenge on his arch nemesis? We’ll all just have to watch and find out.

Michael and George Michael Sail Away to Cabo.

Michael Bluth Sailing away in Arrested Development

Michael finds his son on “The C-Word” where they decide that, for once, they are not going to stick around and help the family, and they sail off toward Mexico together instead.

George Sr. is Headed to Cabo, Too.

Michael Bluth and George Sr. on the boat in the final episode

Surprise! Michael wakes up in Cabo, only to discover George Sr. was hiding aboard their boat the whole time.

…Wait a Second, What About Tobias?

Nothing too shocking/important happened with Tobias at the end of season three. But obviously he deserves a mention (being quite possibly the best AD character ever). Looks like he’s still a struggling actor; here’s his amazing “audition reel” for your enjoyment:

BONUS! For all the party planners out there, Martha Stewart put together an awesome list of Arrested Development foods to serve at your viewing party.

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