Ebay’s Presidents Day Sale is About Tools and Cooking

By on February 16, 2015

Ebay is highlighting a number of discounted items through tomorrow (Feb. 17) as part of its Presidents Day event. While the items on the list run the gamut of top products throughout the site, there seems to be a pretty heavy emphasis on home appliances, maintenance and cooking.

Head on over to the site to check it our for yourself. The site is touting 60% as the median discount on the items. Here are some of the better deals, in case you’d prefer we do the research for you.

Home-Made Pasta, Because It’s Awesome

Ebay Presidents Day Pasta Maker

This pasta-maker is cut down by 60% to a very affordable $29.95. If you ever wanted to justify buying something so unnecessary, this is the time to do it, especially for those who prefer to fantasize about a better life in their dinky kitchens.

A Fruit Juicer from the Future

Ebay Presidents Day Fruit Juicer

Whenever somebody designs something to look like it belongs in the Jetsons’ home, they’re allowed to put a staggering high price on it. This fruit juicer started out at $95, and now it’s down to a measly $39.95. That’s 70%. Whether you tell people how much you paid for is something you need to consider for yourself.

A Screwdriver for the Weak

Ebay Presidents Day Electric Screwdriver

You could buy a set of normal, manual screwdrivers, or you could live rich and go for the electric kind, and now you can do it on the budget of a layperson. This Black and Decker refurbished, battery-powered screwdriver comes with all the perks: magnetic attachment, anti-stripping mechanisms, shame. It’s down 76% to about $21.


Ebay Presidents Day Grass Trimmer

Honestly, I can’t come up with any kind of quip about a grass-trimmer. It’s a pretty boring thing, but this one is 74% off, so it’s a little less boring when you buy it.

A Super-Advanced Tiny Shovel

Ebay Presidents Day Shovel

Because when else are you going to buy a shovel that isn’t just a shovel? And when else can you feel like William H. Macy in Mystery Men?

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