10 Hidden Gems to grab this Steam Sale

By on June 28, 2017

Continuing our list of games to grab during the Steam Summer Sale, we’re going to be looking at hidden gems.  You know, games with smaller budgets, and are just less known than the big bad GOTY contenders.  Here’s 10 that are bound to tickle your fancy!  Don’t forget, if you need some Steam Wallet funds Amazon is your best bet.

Hyper Light Drifter – $9.99 (50% off)

Hyper Light Drifter is an action adventure RPG, somewhat similar to the 2D Legend of Zelda games but with the difficulty ramped up to 11.  The game also has a very unique pixel art style, lending to a beautiful and dangerous world.

Stardew Valley – $8.99 (40% off)

Stardew Valley is essentially Harvest Moon, for the PC.  While Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons have grown in different directions, Stardew Valley takes the simple route and focuses on the core of those games–farming, farming, and a bit of romance.  There is also a proposed multiplayer in the works.

Long Live The Queen – $5.49 (45% off)

Long Live the Queen is a bit hard to describe.  If you’ve heard of Princess Maker, it’s a bit like that… you’re raising/taking care of a young girl over a year’s period as she comes of age and becomes queen of the land.  However, there are many nefarious forces out there trying to end her life before that happens.  You have to focus on raising the princess’s stats and skills (as well as make level headed decisions) to ensure that she survives, and hopefully is a competent ruler to boot.

VA11-HallA: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – $10.04 (33% off)

The world of Va11-HallA is dark.  Everyone is controlled by evil corporations, and attempting to revolt against Big Brother will end your life.  None of that matters, though… you’re just a bartender.  Instead of trying to save the world or any of that jazz, you’re just working and trying to pay rent, while keeping your colorful patrons happy.

Transistor – $2.99 (85% off)

From the makers of Bastion comes this beautiful action RPG.  When Red is suddenly attacked by the robotic Process, she loses her voice and must wield the Transitor, a huge mysterious slab of a weapon, in order to survive and save the city of Cloudbank.

Darkest Dungeon – $9.99 (60% off)

Taking many influences from gothic art and lore, Darkest Dungeon is a hard as nails turn based RPG, with some rogue-like elements through in for good measure.  Build your team of imperfect dungeoneers and try your damnedest to keep them alive as they attempt to stem the horrors being unleashed on the world.

Enter the Gungeon – $7.49 (50% off)

If you’re a fun of rogue-likes and shoot-em-ups, then Enter The Gungeon is practically made for you.  Featuring clean pixel graphics and a harsh difficulty level with randomized dungeons for every playthrough, this game is meant to last for hours upon hours of playability.

Skullgirls – $2.99 (70% off)

Steam has gotten quite a few fighting games in recent years, and Skullgirls is one of the better ones on the service.  The mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master, and there’s a sizable story mode and active online community to play against.  It’s a very good value for the price!

Evoland Collector Pack – $13.85 (63% off)

The Evoland Collector Pack contains both Evoland 1 and 2.  The Evoland series likes taking genre conventions and histories and flips them on their heads in a tongue in cheek manner.  As players progress through the games, the world ‘evolves’ and uses new mechanics and even graphics as the heroes try and save the world.  It’s almost like a gaming history lesson!

Hollow Knight – $9.89 (24% off)

Released this year, Hollow Knight is something of an indie darling right now.  Hollow Knight takes the Metroidvania formula and crafts a challenging game that many say is one of the best of the exploration and action based genre.  It has a great art style, too.

What games did you pick up during this sale?  Let us know in the comments!

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