Stained Glass + A Love of Gaming =

By on February 2, 2023

Developed by Evan Daniels of Atlanta, Georgia, this collection of stained glass artwork will be very familiar with anyone who grew up with an old-school Nintendo. Up for sale on the Etsy store MartainGlasswork with prices reaching up to $5,000, Daniels creates stained glass pieces of popular video game characters such as Master Chief, Samus Aran from Metroid, Mario and Mega-Man.

He also creates pieces using iconic symbols from games like Portal, Half Life, Warhammer, Pokemon and Legend of Zelda. In addition, there are a couple movie pieces in the collection that make reference to the Iron Man and Star Wars series of films. If you are interested in how Daniels creates these items, take a look at this Reddit thread he created as well as some more pictures of his work in action.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the pieces, here’s the Esty store. Check out some of our favorite stained glass pieces below:


Half Life symbol in stained glass


Halo's Master Chief in stained glass

The Legend of Zelda

Link Hyrule symbol

Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers

Mega-Man X

Maga MAn X


Samus from Metroid

Star Wars

Boba Fett

Iron Man

Iron MAn


pokemon ball


Portal Companion Cube


Warhammer symbol

Which one of the pieces is your favorite?

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