Amazing Dad Draws Sandwich Bag Art Every Day For Five Years

By on April 29, 2013

Definitely solidifying his place in the Hall of Fame of Amazing Fathers, David LaFerriere has been drawing illustrations on his kids’ clear, plastic sandwich bags since 2008. Basically a fun surprise when they popped open their lunchboxes at school each day, the creative graphic designer used a Sharpie to draw robots, food, animals, fun objects and a ridiculous number of monster variations that put the Pixar team who worked on Monsters University to shame.

In an interview with Mashable, LaFerriere said, “I used to work nights at a newspaper, and I’d be up early in the morning making my kids sandwiches. I started drawing on the baggies, sort of as a way to channel my creative juices in the morning, and it just ended up sticking.” LaFerriere started his illustrations when both of his boys were in elementary school, but has continued since both sons still enjoy checking out the illustrations each day in middle school and high school.

You can check out over 1,000 of the sandwich bag art designs on LaFerriere’s Flickr account. We have also picked out a handful of some of our favorites that you can check out below.

Our Top Ten Sandwich Bag Art Illustrations

Sandwich Bag Art: Crayon Teeth Monster

Sandwich Bag Art: A Red mutant squirrel holding an acorn

Sandwich Bag Art: A guy in a dragon costume

Sandwich Bag Art: A post-it note with a grocery list

Sandwich Bag Art: A complex maze to solve

Sandwich Bag Art: Furry Green Monster Chef holding a spatula

Sandwich Bag Art: Furry Orange Monster with horns and an overbite

Sandwich Bag Art: A silver Robot on a single wheel

Sandwich Bag Art: A red three-eyed monster

Sandwich Bag Art: A Wolf wearing a party hat

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