Disney Princesses with Beards Put Our Sexual Awakenings Back to Sleep

By on December 14, 2013

Yeah, we made a fuss about seeing The Little Mermaid when we were kids because it seemed like such a girly movie… but we sang a different tune during that scene when she got her legs and swam to the surface naked. For many of us, the luscious and doe-eyed Disney princesses sparked our sexual awakenings. Whether it was Jasmine’s mid-riff or Pocahontas’s short skirt that seemed impractical for running around the woods. These deviously drawn beauties captured our hearts — and, er, other body parts — as adolescents. For years they represented the ideals of femininity… until Adam Ellis gave them all beards.

Disney Princesses with Beards 7

Alice with a beard

Belle with a Beard

Disney Princesses with Beards 5

Disney Princesses with Beards 11

Cinderella with a Beard

Pocahontas with a Beard

Disney Princesses with Beards 10

Mulan with a beard

Disney Princesses with Beards 8

Ariel with a Beard

Source: Buzzfeed


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