The 5 Best Movie Theater Rewards Loyalty Programs

By on July 6, 2017

best movie loyalty clubs

If you’re a regular attendee of your local movie theater, you know how quickly the cost adds up, leaving you looking for ways to save money at the movies. One way to reduce that movie theater bill involves joining the best movie rewards loyalty programs.

Each of the largest movie theater chains, as well as some smaller chains, provide loyalty clubs, which involve giving club members free or discounted movie tickets, concessions, and merchandise, as well as exclusive offers.

You will have to share some personal information, and you may have to make use of the theater’s smartphone app to join the clubs. But if you don’t mind receiving some promotional materials and notifications in exchange for saving some money, these clubs are great.

Here is some of the best movie rewards information for the five largest theater chains. Just look for the movie theater chain or chains that are available in your area and sign up online or in person. (All information is current as of the time of this writing.)

AMC Stubs

AMC Stubs

The free AMC Stubs club uses a points system to award cash back you can use on food purchases at the theater. And there’s a discount on Tuesdays of $2 per ticket (but only on full-price tickets). You can receive free concession upgrades as a club member. Additionally, club members sometimes receive notifications about special screenings.

The movie chain has created a smartphone app you can use to track your points and potential rewards.

Frequent movie goers at AMC may want to spend an extra $15 annually for a Stubs Premiere membership to accumulate points faster and to receive bigger Tuesday ticket discounts. Online ticketing fees are waived too for Premiere members.

Cinemark Connections

Cinemark Connections

The Cinemark Connections rewards program is free to use. You’ll receive savings on concessions and movie tickets.

Cinemark offers a number of exclusive offers for members, including promotional screenings, behind-the-scenes footage, contest entries, free movie posters and other promotional items, and various digital downloads. The Connections app is the best way to track rewards.

Cinemark Connections also teams with other entertainment venues, such as amusement parks, to give club members access to discounted tickets.

Cineplex Scene

Cineplex Scene

The free Cineplex Scene rewards club provides 10% discounts on concessions and Tuesday movie tickets. Members earn points for every dollar they spend that they can redeem for discounted or free movie tickets.

Additionally, Scene club members receive notifications about other discounts, contests, and exclusive offers.

The Scene app works on your smartphone, meaning you don’t have to carry a card. You also can earn points toward your Scene membership by shopping at certain restaurants and stores.

Marcus Theaters Magical Movie Rewards

Marcus Magical Movie Rewards

You can sign up for free at Marcus Theaters for the Magical Movie Rewards club, where you’ll receive plenty of concessions rewards, including free refills on fountain drinks and free popcorn during $5 Tuesday movie deals.

Online or mobile ticketing is free for club members. Additionally, club members earn points toward future purchases and will receive notification of members-only screenings.

Other one-time offers are available from time to time as well. Just download the Magical Movie Rewards app to receive notices.

Regal Crown Club

Regal Crown Club

When visiting Regal Entertainment Group theaters, you can join the Regal Crown Club program. Members earn credits toward movie tickets, merchandise, and concessions. You can manage all aspects of the Regal Crown Club, including selecting rewards, through the web-based Reward Center or through a smartphone app.

Additionally, Crown Club members are allowed to enter club-only sweepstakes and see exclusive sneak previews of yet-to-be-released movies. Other exclusive offers to club members may be released from time to time as well.

The Regal Crown Club is free to join.

Other Local Programs

best movie loyalty programsYour local theater chain may have a free loyalty program, even if it’s a small chain. These smaller programs may not be quite as extensive as the larger programs listed here, but they still offer some nice savings.

For example, one theater chain offers a free t-shirt to those who sign up for the loyalty program, rather than using a card or an app. Then when you wear the t-shirt to the movies, you receive a free popcorn. Another small chain allows frequent movie goers to purchase a loyalty club reusable cup for discounted soda refills for the year.

Just check with your theater for any deals it offers. And if you’re looking for more ways to save money at the movies, check out the list we created earlier this summer!

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