10 AAA games to grab this Steam Sale

By on June 25, 2017

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and The Checkout has a series of recommendations to pick up!  We have 10 triple A titles that are deeply discounted and well worth your hard earned money.  Need to add some funds to your Steam Wallet?  Pick some cards up from Amazon!

Tom Clancy’s The Division – $19.99 (60% off)

The Division is a first person shooter with MMO elements that is a great game to pick up to play with others.  While the game originally launched with some issues, they’ve since been fixed and The Division has shaped up to be a good multiplayer title.

Fallout 4 – $14.99 (50% off)

Fallout 4 is the latest entry in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG series, and it carries the mantle well.  If you’re looking into dollar per hour investments, Fallout 4 offers tons of hours of content for an immensely cheap price.  If you have Fallout 4 already, the whole series is on sale.

Bayonetta – $14.99 (25% off)

Bayonetta is an older title from the PS3 and 360, but Platinum’s character action game just recently made the jump to Steam, and it’s well worth the $15 for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to play it yet.  It’s both absurd and a mechanically deep and complex game, and considered one of the best in its genre.

South Park: Stick of Truth – $7.49 (75% off)

With South Park: Fractured But Whole set to come out soon, now’s the best time to grab the first RPG based off the TV show.  Featuring the show’s classic and crude humor and a simple but engaging battle system, this is a must play for South Park fans.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – $3.99 (80% off)

Shadow of Mordor received critical acclaim when it released in 2014, and the Game of the Year edition going for only $4 is an absolute steal.  Taking place in Middle-Earth (but not during The Lord of the Rings trilogy), the Nemesis system made huge waves as a unique gameplay mechanic.

The Witcher Trilogy – $25.63 (63% off)

The Witcher games are immensely popular RPGs that takes the stories from the book series and adapts them into engaging and story heavy games.  All three titles are worth a play-through, though The Witcher 3 has the most polished battle system and is stand-alone enough to play on its own.

Tomb Raider – $4.99 (75% off)

When Tomb Raider rebooted in 2013, the series took the template set up by Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series and put multiple spins on it.  If you don’t have a Sony system (or even if you do), Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider are great story driven third person shooters to try out.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – $7.49 (75% off)

XCOM is an SRPG series that has a somewhat unique battle system and plenty of replayability.  While XCOM 2 has released, getting the original game (of the series reboot) for under $10 is a great introduction to the series.

Dishonored 2 – $19.99 (50% off)

Dishonored 2 puts you in the role of one of two assassins trying to reclaim the throne.  While it’s mainly a stealth game, you can solve any situation in Dishonored 2 in a variety of ways, allowing you to get through the storyline according to your play style.

Dark Souls III – $23.99 (60% off)

Dark Souls is an extremely popular series with those that love well-crafted, fair challenges, and now’s the time to jump on the latest title in the series.  Just be warned, it’s a game that’s brutal and unforgiving… but rewards those that take the time to learn the game’s rules and mechanics.

What games are you getting from the Steam Summer Sale?  Let us know in the comments!


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