Shut Up and Take My Money: Kiba Interactive Family Camera

By on February 18, 2016

shut_up_and_take_my_moneyI don’t have an exact count, but I’m pretty sure I have in the neighborhood of 5 billion iPhone videos of my kids. And the number of videos I am actually seen in? Just about zero.

Since I’m always the one doing the filming, there’s very rarely evidence of my presence in all these memories I’m trying to preserve for my family. That’s just one of the reasons I got super excited when I heard about the new Kiba Family Camera.

Coming out this summer (June 2016), Kiba is an interactive, self-editing Wi-Fi camera that you keep in your home to help capture both big events and, perhaps more importantly, all the little day-to-day moments in life.

You can schedule it to start recording at a specific time (like for a birthday party or other planned event), or just tell it to start recording when you want to capture something. That’s right–this thing has voice control! In addition to “Record”, Kiba knows “Schedule”, “On/Off” and, of course “Selfie.”


Perhaps the coolest feature of Kiba is that it edits all the footage down for you. Using fancy-sounding “Joy Ranking technology” it cuts out about 90% of your recordings, leaving you with the best, most interesting clips to share or save.

As far as the tech specs go, Kiba records video in 1080p and takes 13MP still shots. It comes with 64GB of internal storage, a quad-core processor, built-in rechargeable Li-Ion 1000mAh battery, detachable mount, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The pre-order price is currently $199, with a retail price of $329. You can order directly from in your choice of 4 colors.

For anyone like me, who is always torn between wanting to be fully present in the moment and wanting to fully capture the moment, here’s to hoping Kiba turns out to be as awesome as it sounds!

Check out the intro video and see more pictures below:




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One Comment

  1. Doug Dingle

    February 19, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    This is GREAT!

    No longer will the NSA have to pretend to get court orders to secretly put cameras in people’s homes; people will not only do it for them, they will buy the camera and install it for them!

    If I was with the NSA, and I thought closer surveillance of all Americans was necessary, I would fund the development of this exact colorful and cuddly product, and then cheaper and cheaper versions until everyone just HAD to have one or two.

    Because really, who wouldn’t want every single thing they do sent out in pictures and sound over wi-fi and Bluetooth? I can’t think of anyone.

    Make all the tinfoil hat jokes you want to, but if I had said 15 years ago that there would be a secret court in the U.S. where only the FBI and NSA could appear to get secret warrants that could not be contested, you would have said the same thing. And look where we are today.

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