Shut Up and Take My Money: Level Lock Smart Lock

By on February 28, 2021

One of the biggest drawbacks when transitioning to a smart lock is being forced into the limited design options of the smart lock creator. Level Lock aims to change this, by installing the smart lock tech in the internal mechanism of a deadbolt as opposed to the outer lock hardware.

Level Lock replaces the deadbolt hardware installed within the door, thus you have the flexibility to install any type of turn-lock on the interior of the door and key / button lock for the outside of the door. It effectively hides the fact that the door has smart locking capabilities, since all the tech is hidden inside the door.

The device is powered by a single CR2 battery which is rated for 12 months of use. Connecting via Bluetooth to your smartphone, the Level Lock app allows you to lock and unlock your door as well as receive notifications and track the battery life of the lock. For remote access, it is limited to Apple HomeKit Hub. The company is likely to add more compatible devices in the future.

For those with a finicky landlord, this could be an ideal option for renters in apartment buildings, since you can keep the outside door hardware. Of course, you will have to pay the steep price. The Level Lock has a $229 MSRP, somewhat higher than smart locks from companies like August and Wyze.

The Level Lock comes in two sizes 2 and 3/8 inch backset (60mm) as well as 2 and 3/4 inch (70mm). You can check out a video of the Level Lock below:

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