Shut Up and Take My Money: InkCase Plus E-ink Screen

By on July 16, 2014

shut_up_and_take_my_moneyHate watching the battery life drain away on your smartphone throughout the day? The developers of the original InkCase are working on a new product for Android smartphones to help relieve battery usage.

Built into a case for your smartphone, the InkCase Plus e-ink screen (similar to the screen on a regular Amazon Kindle) folds over the top on your smartphone screen to provide an always-on screen image when you pull out your phone.

The advantage to this design is that you don’t have to flip on your smartphone to perform tasks like checking email or texts, thus draining the smartphone battery. With a battery life of 19 hours when continuously reading, the e-ink screen can display images like a boarding pass when going through airport security or a map when driving around a city. It’s also preferable to a smartphone screen when in direct sunlight, ideal for reading books or notifications as well as checking incoming calls.


Other applications integrated into the InkCase Plus e-ink screen include the ability to control music functions, a fitness data readout when exercising and a personalized display to show off your photos when the phone is not in use.

At the moment, the case has been fully funded on Kickstarter and the company promises to have the device in the hands of consumers by October 2014. The unusual speed of delivery is more probable for this particular Kickstarter project since this is the company’s second product in the InkCase line and likely understands the manufacturing process better.

Early backers can get an InkCase Plus for $99 with the retail price eventually climbing to $139 after launch. You can check out full details of the project here or by watching the video below:

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