GlassesShop Lyndon Frames Review

By on September 22, 2021

Overall Grade

8 /10


  • -- Accurate prescription lens, good fit on face.
  • -- Inexpensive cost compared to eye doctor.
  • -- Great option for a backup set of frames.


  • -- Shipping times could be a factor if in a rush.
  • -- You can't try these on first in-person without purchasing a pair.

If any of you have visited your local eye doctor as of late, you are aware of the cost on a new set of frames. If I recall correctly, my last visit was in the $500 to $600 range, most of which was paying for two new sets of glasses with all the fancy upgrades. That’s certainly one reason that the new crop of online-only, direct-to-consumer glasses companies, like GlassesShop, are an attractive option to the frugal glasses buyer.

Be aware that you will need your current prescription in order to order a new set of frames. If you don’t have one, just check your smartphone’s app store for a number of free apps that will scan your current glasses and provide you with the data you need. While I did have my current prescription, I tried 3 of these apps and each was exactly correct (compared to my last prescription).

My GlassesShop order for a set of Lyndon frames was placed on September 5th, the glasses shipped on September 9th and the frames landed on my doorstep on September 15th. My glasses originated in Danyang, China and were UPS-routed to Korea, Alaska, Kentucky, then finally Phoenix. If you are in a rush, a 10-day wait time may be too long. Obviously, wait times will vary based on location. Take a look at the GlassesShop manufacturing and shipping time estimate page for more info.

Comparatively, the cost was significantly cheaper than my local eye doctor’s office. The frames & case were under $25 & the prescription lens with anti-scratch, anti-reflective and UV coating totaled up just over $90. You can see the full breakdown of the cost below (and all options for add-ons here):

What Comes in the Package?

My glasses came wrapped in a standard, plastic UPS envelope. However, that wasn’t an issue since the outer black GlassesShop case holding the frames is very rigid. The folding top is magnetically locked into place, thus you don’t have to worry about the case popping open during travel.

Inside, you will find your frames in a stylish, GlassesShop-branded bag, similar to the material of a soft, glasses cleaning cloth. There’s also a microfiber cleaning cloth provided for lens smudges and a handy instruction booklet for making adjustments. The postmodern glasses case (as seen below) was packaged separately and survived the 6,803 mile trip without taking any damage.

Fit / Design / Extended Use

I’ve been wearing the Lyndon frames for about a week now. The initial fit was a little tight, but after I adjusted the nose pads near the bridge, I didn’t notice the tightness anymore. Tip: You will want to pay attention to the size guide on the GlassesShop site. Each set of frames is recommended for a specific size of face.

The Lyndon frames passed my simple head shake test, both side-to-side and up-down. I feel comfortable wearing these frames when I’m going an activity, like working out in the yard. I simply don’t have to adjust the position of the frames during the course of the day.

Of course, you can’t try these on in person until you purchase a set. If you want to know how a set of frames looks on your face, GlassesShop does have an upload photo option (up to 10MB) or a Tour Webcam option to see what a virtual set of glasses would look like on your face.

Regarding the design, you can tell the frames are relatively inexpensive. For instance, the hinges on my current pair (made by Harley Davidson) have a reverse flex option that allows the temple arms to bend in the opposite direction of folding inward, ideal for larger heads / changing hairstyles. The Lyndon frames don’t have that option.

While the nose pad arms were bendable, I got the feeling that if I pushed too hard, the plastic would snap. That being said, the lens placement was secure and the design provides access to all the screws is you want to swap out new lens in the future. I also liked the silver rings on the temple arms & hinges; a nice, stylish touch on what would normally be ordinary black frames.

As I mentioned, I’ve been putting these frames through a week of testing. I’ve really enjoyed them during my dog walks in the morning as both my pups enjoy chasing after jackrabbits, thus my glasses need to stay put when a 112-pound dog is ready to bolt. I’ve also found these glasses comfortable at my desk, staring at a computer monitor for 8 hours a day.

Should I Buy This?

While I didn’t love the look of the Lyndon frames as much as my primary frames, I certainly liked the significantly cheaper cost, the accuracy of the lens prescription, the strong positioning of the frames on my face, and the peace of mind of having a backup option in case my primary frames are damaged.

I’d say this is a great option for primary glasses if you are on a budget or simply are looking for a backup pair of frames that won’t take a big bite out of your bank account. Of course, be aware that manufacturing / shipping times could be a factor if you need glasses right away.

You can take a look at all the frames that GlassesShop offers by clicking the button below:

GlassesShop Prescription Eyeglasses

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