8 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dudes Under $40

By on February 7, 2017

If you read most stories about gift giving, you’d think men have one of the most impossible jobs in the world. So many articles focus on helping guys pick a gift for a woman.

Of course, women can have it tough too, as we guys aren’t always successful in providing hints. And since most guys aren’t looking for highly romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day; something practical or fun will work just as well, which can further complicate things. Here are a few suggestions.

Alcohol Connoisseur

best under 40 valentines gifts

If your significant other enjoys a drink after work, you have quite a few options for an under $40 gift for Valentine’s Day. If your guy likes microbrews, many liquor stores allow you to mix and match different beers in six-packs, giving you a nice assortment to try.

We’ve collected some good deals on beer pub glasses at Ben’s Bargains that would make a great gift to add to your basement bar.

If you’re looking for hard liquor options instead, the Homemade Gin Kit is an interesting idea, allowing you to make up to 750ml of gin at home. You provide the vodka, and the kit will help you create gin.

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Best gifts for men under 40 dollars

Golf balls are a great under $40 Valentine’s Day gift, but understand that many golfers are very picky about the brand and model of ball they use. (And, yes, most of us understand we’re not good enough players for the golf ball brand to matter much, but we’re still picky.) If you want to make sure to buy the right brand of golf balls, check your husband’s golf bag and see which type of ball he uses most often.

For a golfer who could use some help with his swing — even if he can’t admit it — we’ve collected some nice bargains on swing training devices that are worth considering.

If your husband likes to golf in all kinds of weather, a jacket that he can wear that doesn’t inhibit movement is a handy option, such as the Under Armour 1/4 Zip jacket. The lightweight fabric also keeps you warm, and it’s available in seven colors.

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top cheap valentines day gifts for him

For men who like to tinker around the house and work on projects — sometimes even finishing them successfully — a gift of tools and hardware is perfect. We’ve found several good deals on mechanics tool sets, for example, which is a must-have for any handyman who doesn’t have a lot of tools yet.

If he has a battery powered circular saw, maybe a new saw blade would be an appreciated gift; just make sure it matches the model of and size of saw he owns. Working with a newly sharpened saw blade can make a big difference in finishing a project quickly.

One of the most difficult aspects of purchasing tools for a gift is ensuring you aren’t buying something your man already has. So instead of another tool, consider buying hardware that can help him work more efficiently, such as an LED headlamp. Our favorite in this price range is the GRDE Zoomable model, which has a rechargeable battery. And it can be worn on the head or attached to the waste, making it versatile.

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best cheap Valentines gifts for men

Depending on how much your significant other loves the outdoors, there are quite a few inexpensive gifts you can find for camping, hiking, grilling, and other activities.

Something that most men probably won’t buy for themselves are camping chairs. But having a nice set of camping chairs can make the trip much more comfortable for him (and for you). We at Ben’s Bargains have collected several deals on really comfortable camping chairs.

And everyone who loves the outdoors can use a really nice Swiss Army pocket knife. It’s impossible to beat the classic design, which can be found for a reasonable price in dozens of styles and colors.

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Rec Room Gamer

best gifts for him Valentines day

You can find plenty of reasonably priced gifts for the video gamer. Look for a game or a new controller that matches his system. You may have to go with a game that’s been on the market for a few months, because it will be available at a discount to a newly released title. We’ve collected some great deals on games to fit in that sub-$40 price range.

Some rec rooms are more about the food and drink experience than the actual gaming. If this is the case for your significant other, try some of the alcohol gift ideas we mentioned earlier.

If you have a small rec room, a dart board is a great option. Electronic soft-tip dartboards are great for dart novices, as they keep score for you and the plastic-tipped darts won’t put holes in your walls when you miss the board (unless you throw darts as hard as Aroldis Chapman throws fastballs). A reasonably priced, yet versatile electronic dartboard is the Fat Cat 727, offering 18 games with 96 variations and six soft-tipped darts.

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best inexpensive valentines day gifts for men

For those guys who appreciate tech-related gifts, headphones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes now, meeting different audio needs. We’ve put together an extensive list of deals on headphones at Ben’s Bargains for you.

If you’re ready to cut the cord from your cable or satellite TV provider, a streaming media stick, such as Amazon Fire, is available in the sub-$40 price range.

And it never hurts to have a portable power station available, allowing him to charge all of his personal tech devices when traditional power sources aren’t available. Our favorite in this price category is the Villain 20000 mAh portable external battery charger, allowing for powering multiple devices at once. And it has LED lights for working in the dark.

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Weekend Warrior

best valentines day gifts for men

If your significant other fancies himself a weekend warrior athlete, purchasing a set of ice packs for the inevitable pulled muscles probably isn’t a gift that will be well received. Instead, use your $40 to hire a neighborhood kid to do the outside chores at your house for a weekend or two, freeing up your husband for a couple of days to enjoy whatever sport he chooses … hopefully injury free.

For the runner, a new pair of running shoes is always appreciated. You will have to shop around to find a pair as a sub-$40 gift for Valentine’s Day, but low priced, quality shoes are out there. We’ve put together a list of good bargains on running shoes for you.

A weekend warrior who’s playing beach volleyball or softball, or who is a runner or cyclist, can make use of a nice pair of sunglasses. We like the Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses at this price point, which features 10 styles/colors and an unbreakable frame. The lenses offer protection against UVA and UVB rays too.

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Off the Wall Romantic Gifts

best valentines gifts for men

If you’re looking for something a little different this Valentine’s Day — and something that has a bit of romance to it — try these final three ideas.

Is your significant other a Lego fan? And does he have all of The Lego Batman Movie kits already? Try the Lego Valentine Cupid Dog kit. It’s definitely different.

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Another fun option is the Love Lotto book, which contains 100 scratch-off “lottery” tickets with romantic winning messages. Pair it with some new lingerie — in your size, not his — and you have a gift that he’s sure to enjoy.

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Finally, nothing says you can’t use flowers or fancy chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift for men. Or maybe your significant other would appreciate a non-flower bouquet that contains candy bars or cut up fruit. Flip the tables and send him a Valentine’s gift like this at his office for a change of pace that’ll almost certainly catch him off guard.

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