25 Rick and Morty gifts sure to make any fan yell Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!

By on October 17, 2018


Looking for the perfect gift for a Rick & Morty fan that watches and rewatches every season of the show? Do they shout out catch phrases that you don’t understand, like Get Swifty! or shum-shum-schlippety-dop!

We’ve got you covered for their next birthday or the holiday shopping season. We’ve collected 25 Rick & Morty themed gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

1. Mr. Meeseeks Bathrobe with Worried Face

Ever wanted to live a life of a tormented Mr. Meeseeks, simply unable to escape from existence due to Jerry’s terrible golf swing? You can now with the officially-licensed Mr. Meeseeks bathrobe. 100% polyester, includes a tie waist and two pockets.

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2. Funko POP! Rick with Facehugger


Combining the facehugger from the Alien franchise with everyone’s favorite drunk scientist, this Funko Pop! figure features Rick Sanchez struggling with the creepy crawler. Just like other Funko figures, the vinyl statue is roughly four inches tall; ideal for your desk or bookshelf.

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3. Rick and Morty Space Poster

Showing off a minimalist print of the vastness of space, this digital download can be printed up to 24″ x 20″ in size without degradation of the original image. You can print this at home or have it printed in a professional shop before having it framed.

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4. The Art of Rick and Morty

Featuring a glow-in-the-dark cover, this book includes commentary from the show’s creators as well as a significant collection of process, concept, and production art from the show. It’s 224 pages long, ideal as a coffee-table book for any Rick and Morty fan.

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5. Monopoly Rick and Morty Edition

Want to spend 6 hours playing a game that you will eventually throw across the room in favor of getting riggedy riggedy wrecked instead? Then Rick and Morty Monopoly is your game! Tokens include a council of Rick badge, meeseeks box, portal gun, plumbus, Rick’s spaceship, and Snuffles’ helmet.

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6. Running Away! 5-Piece Painting


Did you just get kicked out of your home by your ex-wife, two kids and father-in-law scientist? Fill out the walls of your sad, single-guy studio apartment with this 5-piece print of Rick and Morty running away from a variety of aliens and creatures across several episodes.

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7. Rick and Morty Bestie Slippers

Why wander around the subterranean alien prison chamber underneath your garage in bare feet when you can wear slippers instead? These Rick and Morty slippers feature one Rick slipper and one Morty slipper. Includes anti-slip fabric on outer soles and a lightly cushioned insole.

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8. Rick and Morty Official Coloring Book

Uncensored and filled with endless color possibilities, this Rick & Morty adult coloring book features images from the show as well as some original scenes. This was published in 2017, thus you aren’t going to find scenes from season 3 in the book. Perhaps an updated version will include season 3.

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9. Total Rickall Cooperative Card Game

Following the story-line from the “Total Rickall” episode in season 2, players need to figure out which characters are real and which ones are parasites that need to be exterminated. This card game can be played by 2 to 5 players in 30 minutes rounds.

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10. Rick and Morty Starry Night Print

starry night rick morty

Combining Van Gogh’s Starry Night with the Rick and Morty universe, this print features Rick’s spaceship flying within the popular painting. You can select sizes up to 24 by 36 and Etsy includes multiple framing options.

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11. Rick and Morty Pint Glass Set


Why bother with boring drinking glasses when you can drink to Rick Sanchez levels of inebriation in Rick and Morty pint glasses? Of course, if you want to hide what you are drinking, you can also go with a Rick and Morty inspired flask instead.

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12. Mr Meeseeks 6oz Jar Set

jar-setKitchens are so boring. Why not store your dry goods in a container that screams, Hey, Look at Me! You could put flour or sugar in the jars. Or perhaps hide your Eyeholes Cereal in the jars in case the Eyehole man busts into your home to beat the crap out of you. 

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13. Funko Toy: Portal Gun

portal gun

While this is definitely a toy, there’s always an incredibly remote possibility that a real portal gun slipped through Dimension C-137 and that will accidentally arrive in your Amazon Prime box. If that does happen, swing by the Council of Ricks and pick up a replacement Morty before your next adventure.

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14. I’m Card Rick!  Birthday Card


Available in birthday, Christmas and regular card varieties, Card Rick pays homage to Rick’s pickle transformation adventure in season 3.  This is a standard card size, includes a cellophane sleeve and a kraft envelope to send it. The card is blank inside, awaiting your witticisms.

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15. Welcome to the TeenyVerse Print


Illustrated from all the characters in the The Ricks Must Be Crazy episode in season 2, peer into the Microverse, the Miniverse and the TeenyVerse. You can also appreciate all the effort Rick’s car is taking in order to keep Summer safe. Thank goodness Spider Peace was achieved.

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16. Pickle Rick!!! Plush Doll


Why go to a family therapy session when you can just turn yourself into a pickle, am I right? This 8-inch plush may not roll into the sewer in order to build itself a skeletal system, but it certainly is amusing enough for those who squanch from other galaxies.

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17. Funko Pop! Mad Max Rick


Always on the lookout for a hefty supply of Isotope-322, this version of Rick is racing around a diesel-fueled, post-apocalyptic Earth in his Mad Max inspired vehicle. It also goes great with Sentient Arm Morty.

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18. Show Me What You Got PopSocket


Ideal for anyone that wants to appease our Cromulon overlords, this Popsocket provides a secure grip so you can text with one hand or take better photos. And you can always practice getting swifty when the Cromulons do show up and never drop your smartphone during the performance.  

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19. Happy Human Holiday Adult Sweater


Ideal for Rick and Morty fans that also want to win an ugly sweater contest, the Happy Human Holiday sweater pays homage to Morty, Ruben and Rick from the episode “Anatomy Park.” Hand all your electronics over to Jerry and enjoy your happy human holiday!

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20. Spaceship & Garage Construction Toy Set

Containing nearly 300 pieces, this construction set includes buildable Rick and Morty figures as well as the garage setting and buildable spaceship with functioning doors and hood. The only thing missing is Jerry wandering into the garage to pretend Pluto is still a planet.

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21. Rick “Peace Among Worlds” Vinyl Decal Sticker


Welcome to the MicroVerse! Throw up those middle fingers to proclaim peace among worlds! This vinyl decal can be applied to any smooth surface and will last up to 5 years outdoors, 5+ doors indoors.

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22. Tiny Rick, Pickle Rick Enamel Pins


Hey everyone, it’s Tiny Rick! With lots of options, these enamel pins have a butterfly clutch pin backing and are made of iron. Other options include a screaming Morty and pickle Rick.

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23. The Rick And Morty Soundtrack Vinyl

Rick Morty soundtrack

 Come on, you know the only way to listen to Jemaine Clements Goodbye Moonmen is on vinyl, right? You will also get other classics like The Rick Dance, Raised Up and Alien Jazz Rap. However, if you don’t like vinyl, digital and CD options are available.

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24. Rick & Morty Drink Coasters

This set of four high quality drinks coasters features characters such as Mister Meseeks, Pickle Rick, Cromulon and the deadly assassin, Krombopulos Michael.

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25. Mr. Poopy Butthole Boxer Briefs


Oooohwee!  Thanks, Mr. Poopybutthole. I always could count on you. Just keep these boxer briefs away from Beth.

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