20 Awesome Subscription Boxes like Loot Crate

By on September 28, 2015


It’s no surprise that Loot Crate is one of the most popular monthly subscription boxes for gear related to superheroes, super-villains, popular movies, geeky television shows and the most iconic video games. Of course, a subscription box is a fantastic gift for someone, as they will receive a variety of cool items for multiple months; long after a holiday has come and gone.

After the subscription box craze caught on, websites similar to Loot Crate started popping up everywhere. Besides services like Loot Crate that offer a wide range of items, many sites started to focus in on a specific aspect of nerd or geek culture. For instance, there are subscription boxes geared specifically to Marvel or Star Wars fans, boxes that are for people who love video game culture, boxes for people who love comic books, etc…

Aren't familiar with Loot Crate? Click Here.

Loot Crate sends out a box each month for about $20 (including shipping / handling). Each box is specific to a theme. For instance, a recent box was themed around villains. That box included great themes around the Joker (from Batman), Venom (from Spider-Man) and Los Pollos Hermanos (from Breaking Bad). The subscription price drops if you opt into multiple months and it can increase if you opt into the Level Up service that adds more geeky apparel to the mix. Full details are below:

Loot Crate

Founded in 2012, Loot Crate sends 6 to 9 themed collectibles aimed at geeks and gamers every month. Recent crate themes have been Heroes, Villains, sci-fi and horror.

  • Monthly Rates:  $13.37 (1 mo.), $12.37 (3 mos.), $11.67 (6 mos.)
  • Shipping: $6
  • Coupon: Get $3 off your first order with SAVE3
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

We’ve broken down our favorite subscription boxes like Loot Crate into a few categories. Check out the full list!

Subscription Box Companies like Loot Crate

These other companies like Loot Crate will offer a general smattering of items each month, pulling from all aspects of pop culture to fill the box. This is probably a great gift for someone that you know who’s into cool, geeky stuff, but you don’t really have more information beyond that.


1up offers a single box that has a focus on “5 to 7 epic items” that would appeal to geeks and gamers. Some of the past boxes have included gear themed around characters from Nintendo, the Cartoon Network and Star Wars. Each box will feature a specific collection of items as well as an exclusive t-shirt that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Value of each box tends to be over $40.

  • Monthly Rates:  $12.92 (1 mo.), $12.42 (3 mos.), $11.92 (6 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $7
  • Coupon: Save $3 on your first month with the code AWESOME
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here


Finally offering up a solid option for all those cool, geeky ladies out there, FanMail is basically Loot Crate for women. All of the items are specifically chosen “by women, for women” around a specific theme each month. For instance, the August theme was “Super Sheroes” and included gear like a Black Canary #1 comic book, a Wonder Woman wristband, a Melinda May Pop Vinyl and a Batman vs. Superman necklace.

Value of each box will be at least $50.

  • Monthly Rates:  $22 (1 mo.), $21 (3 mos.), $20 (6 mos.), $19 (12 mos.)
  • Shipping:  Depends on location
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel will send your lovable geeky friend a monthly mystery box filled with 6 to 9 toys, games and collectibles from the worlds of Marvel, Star Wars, Japanese anime and so on. Recent boxes have included goodies like a Doctor Who ice cube tray, downloadable video games and comic book variant covers.

Value of each box tends to be over $50.

  • Monthly Rates:  $18 (1 mo.), $17 (3 mos.), $16 (6 mos. +1 mystery item), $14 (12 mos. +3 mystery items)
  • Shipping:  $6
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Geek Me Box

Geek Me Box offers between 5 to 8 geek & gamer products each month with no specific focus on a theme each month. Past boxes have included gear from Marvel, South Park, Thundercats and DC Comics. There is a $2 add-on charge for t-shirts XXL and up.

Values of the boxes tend to be over $50.

  • Monthly Rates:  $22 (1 mo.), $20 (3 mos., 6 mos. or 12 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $8
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Nerd Block 

Nerd Block has a choice of six themed mystery box toy subscriptions: Nerd Block Classic which will send you 4 to 6 collectibles and toys including one custom T-shirt every month; Arcade Block for gamer collectibles;  Horror Block for pop horror collectibles; Comic Block is for comic collectibles, Nerd Block Jr. for Boys (ages 6 to 11); and Nerd Block Jr. for Girls (ages 6 to 11).

Values of the Classic, Arcade and Horror boxes tend to be over $60. Values of the Comic, Jr. Boys and Jr. Girls boxes tend to be over $40.

  • Monthly Rates (Classic, Arcade or Horror):  $20 (1 mo.), $18 (3 mos.), $17 (6 mos.), $16 (12 mos.)
  • Monthly Rates (Comic, Jr. Boys or Jr. Girls):  $14 (1 mo.), $13 (3 mos.), $12 (6 mos.), $11 (12 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $10
  • Coupon: Save 15% off your first month with SAVE15
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Power Up Box

Power Up Box offers a choice between two boxes of geeky gear. The Premium level offers 6 to 9 hand-picked items while the Deluxe box offers 4 to 6 items. Past boxes have included gear from Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics and Pokemon.

Value of the Premium box tends to be $70 while the value of the Deluxe box is closer to $50.

  • Monthly Rates: (Premium Box) $30 (1 mo.), $28.50 (3 mos.), $27 (6 mos.), $25.50 (12 mos.)
  • Monthly Rates: (Deluxe Box$20 (1 mo.), $19 (3 mos.), $18 (6 mos.), $17 (12 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $10 for Premium / $7 for Deluxe
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Hey UK & Aussie visitors! If you are looking for UK sites similar to Loot Crate, be sure to check out My Geek Box, Super Loot and ZBOX from Zavvi! If you are in Australia, be sure to check out Box 51 and Epic Crateness!

Superhero Subscription Boxes

Targeted specifically at fans of superheroes, these loot boxes aren’t going to include items outside of that genre. This is a great gift for a fan of the recent rash of superhero movies to hit the theaters as well as fans of Star Wars.

HeroCrate (closed as of late Jan 2016)

Including 4 to 6 hero-related items as well as a unique T-shirt, HeroCrate features items from Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars, TMNT and pretty much anything else that can be considered hero-related. The team running HeroCrate also offers a secondary VillainCrate service that ships every two months.

Value of each crate of heroic loot is at least $40.

  • Monthly Rates: $30 (1 mo.), $27 (3 mos.), $26 (6 mos.), $25 (12 mos.)
  • Shipping:  Included
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Marvel Collector Corps

Started up earlier this year, the Marvel Collectors Corps box was launched in partnership with Funko. Boxes typically include Marvel Funko characters, comic books, T-shirts and collector patches. FYI, DC will also be launching a similar box starting during early 2016.

Value of each box is at least $50.

  • Monthly Rates: (Collector Program) $25 every 2 months.
  • Monthly Rates: (Hero Program$150 per year. 6 boxes over 12 months + 1 exclusive collectible.
  • Shipping:  $7
  • YouTube ReviewsClick Here

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty

While not specifically a superhero genre, there’s little argument that the Jedi are the superheroes of the Star Wars universe. Similar to the Marvel box above, the Smuggler’s Bounty box was created in partnership with Funko for Star Wars fans. It’s also going to be distributed on a similar timetable, every other month. The first box goes out in November.

Value of each box is at least $50.

  • Monthly Rates: (Pirate Membership) $25 every 2 months.
  • Monthly Rates: (Boss Membership$150 per year. 6 boxes over 12 months + 1 exclusive collectible.
  • Shipping:  $7
  • YouTube Reviews: Not Available Yet

SuperHeroStuff Hero Box 2.0

Relaunched during July 2015, the Hero Box 2.0 can be an awesome subscription box for someone who’s a fan of a specific superhero. For example, you could get a box with only Superman items inside. Items like t-shirts, socks, comics, bumper stickers, keychains, plush toys, etc. However, this level of customization is more expensive.

Boxes are valued at a minimum of $70

  • Monthly Rates: $49 (1 mo.)
  • Shipping:  $5.50 minimum
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here
Tip: The first shipment of any subscription service usually arrives the following month, especially if you order after the 15th, although it can arrive the same month. Check the subscription service’s FAQ for specific shipping details.

Comic Book Subscription Boxes

Ideal for anyone who spends Wednesday afternoon in the comic book store picking up the latest issues, these subscription services will bring some serious comic book loot to your doorstep.

Comic Bento

Shipping out a collection of comics and graphic novels each month, Comic Bento uses a panel of comic experts to pick issues around a theme each month. For instance, when the theme was Cinematic Adventures, subscribers received graphic novels related to The Avengers, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Predator and Green Hornet.

Value of each box is at least $60.

  • Monthly Rates: $20 (1 mo.), $18.34 (3 mos.), $17.50 (6 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $5 in the U.S. / $12 to Canada
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Comic-Con Box

Ideal for anyone who frequently attends Comic-Con in San Diego, the Comic-Con Box (launched early 2015) is filled with collectibles and exclusives related to comics, movies and television shows. It may also include discounts for anyone who’s attending Comic-Con. Typical items included are T-shirts, graphic novels, prints and figurines.

  • Monthly Rates: $30 per month. Bonus items included at 3-month, 6-month subs.
  • Shipping:  $7
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here


Providing a mystery selection of 5 to 7 comic books to subscribers each month, ComicBoxer selections include new releases, variant covers, #1 issues, etc. Selected by a team of experts, some of the comics can be geared toward a mature audience, so avoid giving this as a gift for kids. The ComicBoxer team is working on a plan for younger readers.

  • Monthly Rates: $20 (1 mo.), $19 (3 mos.), $18 (6 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $8
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here
Tip: Nearly all of the subscription boxes featured on our list allow you to cancel after the first box, assuming you don’t like it. You also may be able to pause your subscription if you aren’t interested in that month’s theme.

Gaming Subscription Boxes

If you love playing all types of games, these boxes will provide tons of entertainment as well as help you show off your love of video games.

Awesome Pack

Offering up a package for families as well as one for “Big Kids,” the Awesome Pack includes items like board games, handheld games, plush toys and activities. The company includes items from Disney, Hasbro, Marvel and DC Comics. With perks such as custom cards for birthdays, this subscription is ideal for any family with young kids.

  • Monthly Rates: $45 per month
  • Shipping:  Included
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Gamer Girl Monthly

Offering up 3 to 5 pieces of gaming-themed jewelry each month, Gamer Girl Monthly started during mid-2015 and includes items that were specifically “selected by girls, for girls.” It’s definitely unique in the subscription box scene and could be a cool way for young women to show off their love of video games.

  • Monthly Rates: $13 (1 mo.), $12.50 (3 mos.), $12 (6 mos.), $11.50 (12 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $4 to U.S. / $7 to Canada
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here


Featuring one collector’s edition PC game shipped to your home each month, the IndieBox package includes a retro-style game box, USB game cartridge, color manual, and original soundtrack. Other items that may come with the game include pins, posters, game controllers or keychains. Games are specifically chosen based off positive reviews.

  • Monthly Rates: $25 (1 mo.), $23 (3 mos.), $20 (6 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $4 to U.S.
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here
Tip: While not every subscription service offers a gift option, many that do will offer the same discounts on purchasing multiple months of service.

Geeky T-Shirt Subscription Boxes

Awesome shirts for wearing to your next convention or maybe just to your cubicle at work, these cool crates and boxes contain T-shirts that will show off your geek cred.

Once Upon a Tee

Targeting fans of Doctor Who, The Legend of Zelda as well as other random pop culture themes, Once Upon a Tee offers up monthly subscriptions of an item that’s been printed exclusively for that month’s box. In addition, all subscribers are entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card that can be spent in their main online store.

  • Monthly Rates: $10 per month for Doctor Who, Zelda. $7 per month for random item
  • Shipping:  $4
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here


Including $30 of gear for a low monthly subscription price, TeeBlox offers up an officially licensed T-shirt each month as well as two of the following items: a comic book, a poster, a sticker or a decal. During the subscription process you can also choose a theme such as games, movies & TV, beers or hot items.

  • Monthly Rates: $10 per month
  • Shipping:  $2.50
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here
Tip: If you are looking for new subscription boxes, try a directory site like Hello, Subscription. For detailed month-to-month reviews of subscriptions, check out My Subscription Addiction.

Misc. Subscription Boxes of Eternal Awesomeness

Last, but certainly not least, these two subscription boxes provide some entertainment into the mix as well as killer gift crates for people of all ages.

Wil Wheaton Quarterly Co.

The Quarterly subscription service is curated by celebrities like Wil Wheaton as well as style experts, authors and bloggers. Of course, Wil’s wonderful picks often lean into geekdom. For instance, the July box included a Dungeons & Dragon starter set, custom Wesley Crusher socks and a vintage NES Game with the Retrobit Duo NES console. The quantity and types of items in each box will vary for each curator and season.

  • Quarterly Rates:  $100 (for Wil’s box)
  • Shipping:  Free (for subscribers); $8 (for one-off purchases)
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here

Brick Loot

Offering up anything related to brick building (like LEGOs), Brick Loot includes 4 to 8 brick-related toys related to a specific theme each month. Competing services include Brickbox as well as Brickswag.

  • Monthly Rates: $27 (1 mo.), $25 (3 mos.), $23(6 mos.)
  • Shipping:  $6 to U.S. / $13 to Canada
  • YouTube Reviews: Click Here
What’s your favorite subscription box? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Can anyone point me in the direction of Jacob McShea and Zachary McShea? They are the brothers who ran Hero Crate, until they shut it down and vanished. The McSheas accepted my money during the 2015 Christmas season, knowing full well that my son wouldn’t receive a single box of the pre-paid subscription. Nothing was refunded and they wouldn’t respond to any form of contact. Beyond my ire about having my money taken, I’m still pretty upset that Jacob promoted his military service in accordance with this, so I was duped into thinking he was an honorable guy. Silly me. Any leads would be appreciated.

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    ComicCon box is no longer available!

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