Make your Oculus Quest more comfortable to wear with these 7 products

By on October 9, 2019


So you just got an Oculus Quest and you are working through the campaign in Beat Saber, right? Unfortunately, that headset starts to feel really heavy after 30 minutes to an hour of playtime. This is specifically due to wire free design, putting all the electronics in the front of the headset causing a front-heavy feeling when wearing it.

If that bothers you, the good news is there are tons of after-market products to make wearing the Quest significantly more comfortable. Here’s a round-up of our top seven favorite products to ramp up the comfort on your Oculus Quest.

Studioform Creative Deluxe Strap


This strap goes over the top of the Oculus Quest headset and transfers the weight load off your cheeks / around the eyes. The weight load is pushed back, shifting it to the lower back of your head as well as the top of your forehead. The material is soft and the strap is well made.

The Deluxe Strap sells for about $20 on sale. It also ships from New Zealand, so be prepared for a bit of a wait on shipping. If that’s too steep or you want faster shipping, there are a couple options on Amazon. You can also DIY a solution with a sock like this user did on Reddit -> LINK

Check out Studioform Creative Deluxe Strap

VR Face Silicone Cover & Face Pad


If you want a more comfortable feel on your cheeks and around the eyes, check out this replacement for the stock foam that clips into the headset. The VR Face face pad offers more cushion than the stock headset as well as a material that’s sweat-proof, ideal for playing high intensity games like Beat Saber.

The black version usually sells for around $16, but you can find color options in red and blue on Amazon as well as versions that include silicone covers for your Oculus controllers (if those are slipping out of your hand). If you are looking for more expansive options, check out the VR Cover option at $29.

Check out VR Face Silicone Cover

VR Cover Head Strap Foam Pad


If you find the main head strap (that wraps around your head) uncomfortable, VR Cover offers foam padding that wraps around the head strap. Available in 10mm and 17mm foam padding options, the foam relieves pressure and provides a more snug fit; ideal when moving around quite a bit. You can find it for $19 usually at VR Cover.

Check out VR Cover Head Strap

Magnetic Prescription Lens Adapter


If you are a glasses wearer, fitting your glasses into the Quest can often be uncomfortable and usually a tight fit. You also run the risk of scratching the lenses inside the quest with your glasses. Instead, just take off your glasses and use these prescription lens adapters. You can find the adapters under $30 on Etsy.  (If you want to stick with your glasses, check out these lens protectors.

Check out the Prescription Lens Adapter

VRNRGY Power Pack


Another way to pull the weight off the front of your face is to provide a balanced counterweight on the back of the headstrap. While there’s a good option from Studioform Creative that lets you adjust the weight load, check out the VRNRGY Power Pack.

The 7,000 mAh batteries in the Power Pack provide either six hours of gaming time or eight hours of video streaming time. That’s a significant improvement over the 2 to 2.5 hours of battery life provided by the internal batteries in the Quest.

The Power Pack is currently back-ordered & only ships to the U.S. for the time being, but can be found on sale for $35. Alternatively, you can rig up a portable battery on the back of the Quest for similar charging (like the Anker PowerCore 5000).

Check out the VR Power Pack 2

Mamut Touch Controller Grips


If you want more a more comfortable grip when holding the Quest controller, check out the Mamut Touch controller grips. This replaces the wrist straps on the stock controllers with a new design. Mamut provides a strap that wraps around the back of your hand and keeps the controllers attached.

This product could be ideal for anyone that frequently drops the controllers or lets the controllers slip out of their hands when playing intense VR games. The Mamut Touch Grips typically sell for about $38. If you want cheaper options (without the back of the hand strap), check out these options on Amazon.

Check out the Mamut Touch Controller Grips

HTC Vive “FrankenQuest” Mod


If you want to step up the audio quality of your Quest as well as comfort, consider replacing the entire head strap on the Quest with the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap. This modification is detailed here on Reddit. In addition to the $99 HTC rig, you will also need to purchase some Velcro strips and D-rings to fit everything in place.

Check out the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

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