Here’s where to buy at-home COVID-19 tests.

By on September 7, 2021

Since COVID testing has become a new norm in our society, we thought it would be helpful to list off the places where you can purchase a COVID test online.

Of course, you can also schedule a test in your area at your local pharmacy or testing center that your local / state government has setup. Some of these testing events are free and others will be charged to your insurance.

Most pharmacies are getting tests results back to you in 48 hours, but you can also look for rapid response PCR testing. Personally, I did a rapid response PCR test at a CVS in my area and got the results within an hour. Zero cost to me as well, due to county funding.

However, it’s probably handy to keep some at-home COVID tests on hand if you are attending a big event like a wedding or simply want to know if you should be isolating from family if you are sick. The most popular (and low-cost) one is the BinaxNow COVID-19 Antigen Self Test. It comes with 2 tests per pack, so roughly $10 per test at the best pricing thus far.

Where do I get one?

Here’s all the places you can snag this test online (be aware that these jump in and out of stock constantly due to high demand):

  • Amazon: LINK – Currently sold out. (We will update when Amazon has a new URL)
  • Walmart: LINK – $19.88 – (Requires $35 order for free shipping)
  • Sam’s Club: LINK – $19.88 – (Requires Sam’s Club membership)
  • CVS: LINK – $23.99 – (Has inventory checker for local stores)
  • Walgreens: LINK – $23.99 – (Has inventory checker for local stores)
  • Rite-Aid: LINK – Price Varies – (Has inventory checker for local stores)
  • Abbott Store: LINK – $23.99 – Currently Sold out.

In addition, the Abbott Store has an inventory checker for retailers in your local area here -> LINK.

Flying Back into the U.S.?

If you are traveling back into the U.S. from another country, Abbott also makes a version of this test that you take in front of a camera on your smartphone / tablet / laptop / etc… While it’s basically the same test at the at-home one, it comes wrapped in a special sleeve and requires monitoring to prove you are COVID free.

eMed sells a pack of 6 for $150 + overnight Fedex shipping costs; helpful if you are traveling with a big family. I’ve personally taken this test to return into the United States and it was very simple. The customer service monitor will guide you through the process, verify you took the test correctly and eMed emails an official document that you can submit to gain access back to the country. You have to go through eMed for verification.

The other option is a bit more expensive, but ideal for people that only need 1 test. Ellume sells a similar test for $35 – $40, but you also have to pay an additional $15 for the video monitoring to get back into the country. You can order it via Amazon, Target, and other retailers here -> LINK.

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