Debonair Dweeb: 7 Stylish Geek Chic Menswear Items

By on March 2, 2014

Suave.  Sophisticated.  Sci-fi/fantasy.

Every day it’s becoming more and more acceptable to be a nerd, and we foresee a day when it will be nerdier to not be a nerd.  (Like the Bible prophetizes, “The last shall be first and the first shall be last… picked in gym class.”)  Now that it’s becoming socially okay, more people are openly expressing their dorky sides… But just because you’re good at math doesn’t mean you have to dress like it!

With modern times encouraging both nerdom and metrosexuality, the stage is set for the Debonair Dweeb.  You can look stylish and well-groomed without sacrificing your roots as the guy who played the new Call of Duty for 36 hours straight without bathing.  Women want a man who’s polished and well-read… so stop pretending you don’t know who Tom Bombadil is.

Silver Transformers Cuff Links

transformers cufflinks

Nothing says “stylish” like “shiny,” and nothing says “shiny” like “robots that are also cars.”  These silver Transformers Cuff Links can transform an unkempt slob with sloppy sleeves into a dashing young man who’s the life of the party.  The set comes with one icon each for Decepticons and Autobots because… really… don’t make us choose.

View the Silver Transformers Cuff Links at Amazon


Game of Thrones Scarves


Need something to fling over your shoulder after your park your Vespa?  Scarves have been a long-time staple for people who dress better than normal people, but having a emblem from a fantasy series like Game of Thrones takes away the pretentiousness.  Available in either House Stark or House Targaryen.  [Omitted:  Predictable “Winter is Coming” gag]

View the Games of Thrones Scarves at ThinkGeek


Superman Tie Pin

Superman Tie Pin

Only a dweeb would want Superman’s trademark S blazoned across his chest, but only a Debonair Dweeb would be wearing at tie at the same time.  Since this is a little on the cheap side for the truly debonair, you’ll have to forgo your love of the Man of Steel for the Man of Pewter.

View the Superman Tie Pin at Amazon


Chain Mail Necktie


The world of business is a battlefield, so don’t go to work unarmored!  Show off your love of fantasy without losing credibility as a hardass.  This Chain Mail Necktie is perfect to wear on Casual Friday as a joke… but even better to wear on Mondays in all seriousness.

View the Chain Mail Necktie at ThinkGeek


Batman Money Clip


In order to appear sophisticated and debonair, you could spend hours grooming, researching fashions, and of course reading a small library of books to culture yourself… or you could just whip out a wad of cash!  Money clips are a great way to look well-to-do because they inherently say, “hey, I have so much money, I need help keeping it all together!”  And we can’t think of a better guardian for our cash than the Dark Knight himself.

View the Batman Money Clip at ThinkGeek


Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne

Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne

Being a nerd is one thing… smelling like one is another.  Not every aspect of geek culture is perfect, and we’re thinking of the hygiene of the guy we sat next to at a Comicon panel.  But if you’re going to mask your scent, first things first:  take a shower!  Then apply this Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne.  Set phasers to… stunning!

View the Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne at Amazon


Romain Jerome Pac-Man Watch

Romain Jerome Pac-Man Watch

This is what geek chic is all about:  a watch that will impress both the guys you golf with and the guys you game with.  Set in steel, coated with polished PVD, run by Swiss automated Concepto movements, and designed by an actual menswear fashion designer, this Pac-Man Watch by Romain Jerome is the real deal – if you don’t believe us, check the price tag!

View the Romain Jerome Pac-Man Watch at Jomashop

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