6 Beauty Subscription Boxes Worth Your While

By on January 12, 2017


They say that “beauty is pain”, and while that may be true in some ways (I will never pluck my eyebrows, thanks), it doesn’t have to be true in finding your beauty products in the first place.  With the explosion of subscription box options over the years, there are plenty of boxes out there for pretty much anything… and that includes boxes for makeup and other beauty products.

But, the choices can be a little overwhelming… worry not, here’s a list of six beauty subscription boxes that may be right up your alley:



In all of my subscription box research, by far Ipsy is one of the most popular beauty boxes available.  While it is on the cheaper side of the spectrum, Ipsy manages to be well worth the $10 a month by offering five beauty items (some full sized, some samples) and a nice new makeup bag.  That’s every month.  If you want to dip your toe into subscription boxes but are worried about price, Ipsy is one of the best options available.

  • Retail Price: $10 a month
  • Shipping: Free shipping in the U.S.

Julep Maven


Julep Maven’s beauty boxes focus more on their high end nail polish.  Julep’s box is a little on the higher end of the scale at $25 a month, but you are able to pick each item in your box, from old polish colors to new, or even other types of make up and beauty products.  Additionally, if you don’t want your box that month for whatever reason, it’s easy to skip a month of the subscription. Julep makes sure that you get exactly what you want in each box.

  • Retail Price: $25 a month
  • Shipping: Free shipping in the U.S.

Target Beauty Box


Target’s Beauty boxes are just a little different from the others on the list–Target doesn’t actually offer a subscription, and the release times for these boxes aren’t always consistent.  However, these particular boxes come relatively cheap, and are packed with makeup and beauty goodies.  The Target box mostly contains samples, but all the better to learn what items you like and want to get more of (probably at a Target, like a clever advertisement scheme!).

  • Retail Price: Varies, but typically around $10 a box
  • Shipping: Free shipping

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box


The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, as the name suggests, is a beauty box consisting of all vegan beauty products, that were not tested on animals nor have any animal products in them.  There’s a surprising amount of beauty products that can contain items derived from animal parts, so Vegan Cuts makes it great for vegans to easily find beauty products that match their lifestyle.  Most items in the Vegan Cuts box are samples, but it goes a long way in raising awareness for animal free beauty products.

  • Retail Price: $19 a month
  • Shipping: Free shipping



Boxycharm is like a higher-end Ipsy box.  Like Ipsy, Boxycharm sends you five items a month, minus the makeup bag.  However, all of these products are full-sized, and the value of the items easily values around $100.  Boxycharm is one of the best values on the market right now, and a great way to build up your beauty product collection.

  • Retail Price: $21 a month
  • Shipping: Free shipping

eSalon Hair Coloring


eSalon differs from the beauty boxes by providing high quality hair color.  eSalon has an extensive quiz you take to help determine your hair type and how you want to color it, and specialists create a perfect formula just for you and mail it to your door.  Any person that dyes their hair somewhat regularly know that with over the counter dyes can be difficult to match to the color on the box, but eSalon takes the guesswork out of it.  Better yet, the subscription model helps to keep you stocked up on your color, so it will never fade out.

  • Retail Price: $10 first order, then $25 every order after
  • Shipping: $5

There it is, a beginner’s guide to the first beauty boxes you’ll want to try out… or maybe one or two you missed along the way.  Are there any beauty boxes that you recommend?  Let us know in the comments!

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