Cute, I Am: 15 Baby Yoda Products that you want…no, NEED in your life

By on December 11, 2019

If you have been watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ over the past several weeks, you probably understand the excitement over “The Child,” otherwise known as Baby Yoda. If you haven’t watched The Mandalorian yet, do yourself a favor and check it out asap.

After the release of the new Star Wars live action, Baby Yoda merchandise has started to slowly drip into stores.  W e have no idea why Disney wasn’t ready with Baby Yoda merchandise on Black Friday.

This list is arranged in order of what’s currently available now to preorders shipping several months from now, in case you are shopping for the holidays or a birthday. Here’s our top 15 picks for Baby Yoda products:

The Mandalorian Comic Artwork


Artist James Yusufi is creating classic comic style covers for each episode of The Mandalorian. The Episode 2 cover features The Mandalorian scaling the massive Jawa sandcrawler as “The Child” follows on the ground below as well as a callout in the right corner. Yusufi sells 11 by 17 prints of his artwork on his site (payment in PayPal).

Check out James Yusufi’s Shop

Protect, Attack, Snack T-shirt


There are tons of t-shirts featuring Baby Yoda, but this is one of the funnier ones. You can find it on Amazon with a huge collection of other options. If you want something more custom, check out some of the offerings over at Etsy, including the “He Also Takes Naps” shirt.

Check out Baby Yoda Shirts on Amazon

Baby Yoda Sticker Sheet


Looking for a fun stocking stuffer for a kid? This inexpensive, $3 sticker sheet will give them some unique Baby Yoda designs to put all over their notebooks or electronic devices. If you are looking for more variety, check out this $12 sheet at Amazon.

Check out Baby Yoda Stickers on Etsy

Baby Yoda Onesie: Newborns to 24-months


If you are looking for a gift for a new parent, check out this Baby Yoda Onesie at Etsy. The designer has this in the short sleeves and long sleeves, as well as 10 different color options. “Change my diapers, you will”

Check out Baby Yoda Onesie on Etsy

Baby Yoda Car Decal


Looking for something to decorate the back of your car? Check out the Baby Yoda car decal, one of the cuter versions on Amazon. The same seller offers a mousepad with the Baby Yoda design as well as a “I Have Spoken” decal of everyone’s favorite Ugnaught.

Check out the Baby Yoda Car Decal on Amazon

Adopt this Baby T-Shirt


One of the more creative options on Etsy, this adorable design features “The Child” waiting to be adopted by a wandering hero. It’s currently available in 12 different colors as well as 8 different sizes.

Check out Baby Yoda T-Shirt on Etsy

Baby Yoda Christmas Tree Ornament


Looking for something Star Wars related to finish off your tree decoration this year? Check out this $7 Baby Yoda ornament on Etsy. And if the cartoon drawing is not your style, there are a ton of options in carved wood, knit yarn and other materials.

Check out the Baby Yoda Ornament on Etsy

Baby Yoda Popsocket


Another great stocking stuffer. Popsocket has released a handful of designs featuring scenes from The Mandalorian. The one with the soup cup is our favorite. These typically sell for $15, but Popsocket is having a 50% off holiday sale prior to Christmas, free shipping as well.

Check out the Baby Yoda PopSockets

Sweet Baby Yoda Prayer Candle


Looking for a unique prayer candle to bring to Christmas service this year? Check out the “Sweet Baby Yoda” prayer candle at Etsy. Priced at $15, this candle is 8 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide.

Check out the Baby Yoda Prayer Candle on Etsy

Baby Yoda Artwork


Available in sizing from 11 by 17 up to 24 by 36 inches, this artwork was created within Photoshop using a paintbrush effect. The artist also has a few other options available from The Mandalorian, in a variety of sizes.

Check out the Baby Yoda Artwork on Etsy

Baby Yoda Socks


If you have someone in your life that loves wearing unique socks, check out these Baby Yoda socks. There’s also a number of other options on Etsy, ranging from festive Christmas socks to prints with sayings on the bottom of the feet.

Check out the Baby Yoda  Socks on Etsy

Baby Yoda Coffee Mug


There are a huge number of these on Amazon at the moment, some licenced, some not.  The design above is one of our favorites. We have linked to the entire collection below.

Check out the Baby Yoda Coffee Mugs on Amazon

500-piece Baby Yoda Puzzle – Ships 12/30/19


If you are looking for a fun puzzle to start off the new year, check out the 500-piece Baby Yoda jigsaw puzzle from Buffalo Games. In addition to the puzzle, you get a bonus poster to help you put everything together. The completed puzzle measures roughly 21 inches wide and 15 inches tall.

Check out the Baby Yoda Puzzle on Amazon

Baby Yoda Funko Pop! – Ships 05/15/2020


There are two models of the Baby Yoda Funko Pop being made, a standard 4-inch size ($11) and a supersized 10-inch model ($40). At the moment, you can preorder each figure at a discount, The standard size has been as low as $8.68 and the larger size has dropped to $29.10. If you preorder through Amazon, the retailer will automatically adjust your preorder price to the lowest level, assuming additional sales occur between now and May 15, 2020.

Check out Baby Yoda Funko Pop on Amazon

Baby Yoda Plush: Ships 05/25/2020


If you are looking for a huggable version of Baby Yoda for a young child, check out the 11-inch Baby Yoda plush for $25. The toy plush has a soft body and a sturdy base filled with beans. You can display it as a collectible if you choose.

Check out Baby Yoda Plush on Amazon

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