7 Amazon Services & Discounts You May Not Have Known Existed

By on June 16, 2020


While the many perks of an Amazon Prime membership are relatively well-known at this point, there are a number of Amazon services, programs and discounts that Amazon doesn’t really advertise much. We’ve collected our favorites and listed them below. Check out the list:

Amazon Move


If you are getting ready to move or have just moved, you can request a 10% off coupon for moving supplies, Amazon-approved moving services or home furnishings using the Amazon Move program. It can be reused multiple times over 90 days, has a $200 usage cap and can be stacked on Amazon’s pricing discounts. It’s only valid on products sold by Amazon, not third party vendors.

Check out Amazon Move

Amazon Free Samples

amazon-product samples

If you are interested in trying out new products without spending any money, Amazon has a service called Amazon Product Sampling. Just go to the signup page and select the product categories you are interested in. Some of the categories include pet food, men’s grooming, women’s beauty, health / wellness, baby products and office supplies.

If you like to write reviews, you can also hope for an invite to the Amazon Vine program. This is an invite-only program that connects reviewers with products bring sold on Amazon.

Check out Amazon Product Sampling

Amazon Allowance / Amazon Teen


If your kids are interested in buying things on Amazon, the retailer has a couple options. Amazon Allowance allows users to send gift card funds on a one-time, daily, weekly, every two-weeks or monthly basis; perhaps ideal for kids that get paid an allowance for chores.

Alternatively, Amazon Teen is s service that lets teens fill their cart with something they want to purchase, then sending a notification via text message to a parent to authorize a purchase. Parents will be able to verify purchase decisions as well as deny any purchase that’s too expensive. Parents will need to link their teen’s Amazon account in the site settings.

Check out Amazon AllowanceCheck out Amazon Teen

Amazon Giveaways


While definitely a veiled attempt at advertising, Amazon Giveaways is a service that offers the chance to win an item while shopping. And if you don’t win (which is likely), you will receive a coupon for said item offering a specific discount, typically between 10 and 40 percent off.

The downside is that not all the products are going to be winners and you may have to look through a ton of low quality products to find the best deals. It’s rare to find a brand name product in the Amazon Giveaway section. You also have to watch short videos on some of the giveaways before a coupon is made available to you.

Check out Amazon Giveaway

Kindle Matchbook


If you are in the habit of purchasing physical copies of books, Amazon offers the digital version of the same book for a significant discount via the Kindle Matchbook service. Assuming your previous book purchases qualify, you can buy the digital copy of the same book for just $2.99; ideal for anyone converting their physical book collection to a digital format.

Only new books purchased on Amazon will qualify for the program. Books purchased new or even from third party sellers are not included in Kindle Matchbook. The Kindle Matchbook price will appear on the purchase page for the Kindle version of the book when you visit the product page.

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Discount Amazon Prime Membership


While the 6-month free trial and $60 year price tag of Amazon Student is fairly well known, there is another low cost option for customers. If you currently have an EBT card for programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), you qualify for a $6-per-month Amazon Prime plan.

In addition, anyone with a Medicaid card qualifies. The low price is available for up to 48 months and you need to re-qualify for the inexpensive plan every 12 months. This version of Prime includes the vast majority of Prime perks, but not the Household sharing option on the full-priced plan.

Check out Low Cost Prime

Amazon Coupons


While you’ve probably seen the coupons you can click on product pages to increase your discount on an item, you may not know that all coupons active on Amazon can be found in a single place. The Amazon Coupons page has a section for Prime exclusive coupons as well as a section for the most popular coupons.

Coupons can be filtered by the product category as well as age, when the coupon expires and total percentage off. Some of the coupons are limited to a first time purchase, but others can be reused over multiple purchases; ideal for consumables.

Check out Amazon Coupons

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