5 Kitchen Gadgets that will Upgrade your Meals this Year

By on January 24, 2018


The New Year is a new opportunity to trick yourself into thinking you’ll form new habits in the kitchen. You won’t (statistically, you just won’t). BUT. You will buy yourself some fun new kitchen gadgets that will take your meals from everyday to upgrade.

Kitchen gadgets can take over your meal prep space fast and not in a good way. So while there are a plethora of doohickies that claim to save time, cut calories, and trim costs, these five suggestions really do!

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender

When you’re in a pinch, blend! This immersion blender from KitchenAid (obviously) makes your kitchen a verifiable meal factory. Need a smoothie? Blend it. Need a quick soup? Puree it. Need a salad dressing? Whisk it. With a name like KitchenAid, would you really expect anything else?

KitchenAid immersion blender kitchen gadget

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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

You know you want one. Is it a unitasker? That’s pretty obvious. But it’s also a life saver. No body wants their drive-thru sammies to come with the guilt of a million unknown calories. With this counter-top gadget, you know exactly what’s in your morning meal and can customize it to taste!

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker kitchen gadget

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Easy Lunch Boxes

When you are short on time but big on eating, pack it in with these Easy Lunch Boxes. These keep sliced produce, pre-made sandwiches, and cooked pasta fresh for days, meaning you can meal prep once and eat twice…without double the work.

Easy Lunch Boxes kitchen gadget


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B. Smith Wood Lazy Susan

Treat your kitchen to a little summin’ summin’ sweet this year. This loopy little gadget will keep your meal time spinnin’ right ’round until you land on what you need. Great for table-top organization or spice-jar rotation.

B Smith Wood Lazy Susan kitchen gadget

Kilner Butter Churner

Been watching enough Great British Bake Off to know the difference between butter and butttterrrr. Kilner knows the difference. Get the good milk from the local farm and whip it into a creamy frenzy in ten minutes flat. Paul Hollywood would be so proud.

Kilner Butter Churner kitchen gadget

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