10 Unusual Subscription Services You Didn’t Know You Wanted

By on February 22, 2018

We all know there are subscriptions for everything these days.  There is something out there for everyone, of course… but what about things you didn’t know you wanted?  Sure, we all love your Amazon subscriptions and the subscription box of our choice, but there are some… unusual subscription services out there.  But these aren’t just weird, they’re helpful, too!  Let’s look at 10 subscription services you probably didn’t know you wanted.

1. Bacon

bacon every month

Every self-respecting meat eater loves bacon, so what better subscription than one that delivers new slabs of delicious meat candy every month?  The Bacon Every Month Club from Tender Belly sets you up so that you get four packages of bacon every month, in either a sweet (maple) or spicy (habanero) every single month.  Now that’s a tasty subscription to get behind!

Bacon Every Month Club

2. Black Socks


Are you the type of person that likes black socks, and only black socks?  Do you want a new pair of the darkest, blackest socks to slip into every few months?  Well, look no further than BlackSocks’ Sockscription.  This subscription will send you three new black pairs of socks every four months, so that you can unify your sock drawer, and never have to go sock shopping again.  And, with a unified sock drawer, losing a sock will never matter again!

BlackSocks Sockscription

3. Underwear


Like BlackSocks does for socks, MeUndies is looking to revolutionize your underwear drawer.  Every month, MeUndies will send you a new cozy pair of underwear to slip into–and with a variety of styles and colors, your subscription can be catered to your tastes.  Additionally, MeUndies underwear is made out of modal, a fabric much softer than the typical cotton undergarments.

MeUndies Subscription

4. Feminine Products

le parcel contents

Look, periods suck, and no one wants to think or talk about them, let alone remembering to go out shopping for feminine products before Aunt Flo pays her monthly visit.  Le Parcel is a simple subscription by comparison… every month, a bit before a lady’s time begins, Le Parcel will send a care package with all the tampons you need (from a name brand of your choice)… and a chocolate treat as well, to help curb those cravings a bit.  There’s even a few other goodies, at well!  Simple, yet so helpful for you (or a lady friend in need).

Le Parcel Period Subscription

5. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste


Do you find shopping for dental products a little too overwhelming?  If you have an electric toothbrush, finding new brush heads for it can be surprisingly a pain, and all the different brands and varieties of toothpastes seems unnecessary and needlessly confusing.  Quip is looking to go back to basics with a simple electronic toothbrush with no frills attached (so no weird settings or apps) and a basic, simple toothpaste that gets your teeth nice and clean.  If you opt into it, you can also choose a subscription that gets you a new brush head, full sized toothpaste and travel sized toothpaste every three months, saving the need to remember to search for and buy new supplies.

Quip Store

6. Fancy Paper


Maybe you’re a crafty person, doing neat little DIY projects and making collages.  Maybe you’re an artist, creating work on quality parchment.  Or maybe, you just like good paper.  No matter the situation, OliveBox has you covered with a monthly box filled with high-quality ‘lifestyle items’, which ranges from notebooks to card to… just nice paper.  It’s a perfect subscription for someone who that truly appreciate some good stationary.

OliveBox Subscription

7. Stuff from Celebrities


Are you the sort of person that enjoys getting ‘inspired’ by celebrities?  Whether that be trying a new culinary skill, trying to write the next hit novel, or anything else, Quarterly sends out packages every three months that are curated by well known artists, chefs, scientists, and any profession in between.  With ten different boxes to choose from, all with vastly different themes, anyone can be pleased and feel inspired by this neat subscription… or maybe just get some neat stuff.


8. Grass for Your Dog to Poop In

doggie grass

So anyone with a dog knows that sometimes… going out to walk your dog can be a real pain.  It might be cold, or there’s a hurricane outside, but when nature calls for your pup you have no choice but to brave the elements… or do you?  Not anymore!  DoggieLawn has created the Dog Potty Grass, which is a patch of grass you can place in your home for your dog to do their business in.  Think of it as a mix between home training and a cat’s litter box… the best of both worlds!  And your dog will be able to go whenever they want.  You can get new patches of grass weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Dog Potty Grass

9. Food… With Music


Everyone’s heard of wine and meal pairings, but what about music and meal pairings?  Turntable Kitchen has an interesting idea for the foodie/audiophile in your life.  Every month, Turntable will send you three recipes to try with 1 or 2 of the premium ingredients (you’ll have to get the rest of them yourself), as well as an exclusive 7″ vinyl record, and a digital version of the music to play with this tasty meal.  It’s just unique enough that the person that has it all… probably doesn’t have this subscription.

Turntable’s Pairings Box

10. Retro Doodads


If you’re stuck in the past, it can be a little hard at times to feed your obsession for the oldies.  Exploring Goodwills and scouting eBay can be fun, but sometimes you just want stuff delivered to your door without such a large time commitment.

Thankfully, the Retro Pop subscription box is here to help, with items from the decade of your choice–either the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s.  Each box comes with an exclusive t-shirt done just for the box… and while it might not be an authentic item from the decade, it encapsulates the style of the time well.

Retro Pop Box

Are there any unusual or flat out weird subscriptions you know of, or would recommend?  Let us know in the comments!

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