10 Games under $10 to grab this Steam Sale

By on June 30, 2017

To round out our trio of posts about the Summer Steam sale, we have ten games that you can grab under ten dollars.  Is your budget a bit tight?  Then this is the article for you!  Don’t forget to get your Steam Wallet cards from Amazon.

Batman: The Telltale Series – $8.74

Telltale is a franchise game-making machine lately, but one of the series that might have flown under your radar is Batman: The Telltale Series.  Since it’s a Telltale game, this is a more story focused than action-based experience like the Batman Arkham games.  If you’re a fan of Batman, this is worth a look.

Beyond Good & Evil – $4.99

With the recent re-announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 2 by Ubisoft at E3, now’s a perfect time to play the original!  Jade goes undercover to take down an evil, all powerful organization in this cult hit classic.  Beyond Good & Evil also plays somewhat similarly to 3D Zelda titles, complete with puzzles and battles to keep you engaged.

Valdis Story: Abyssal City – $3.74

Valdis Story is a 2D action game that also takes quite a few nods from Metroidvanias.  It’s a frantic, difficult, but rewarding game, Valdis Story is sure to please anyone looking for a nice challenge, occasional cheap enemy setups aside.

This War of Mine Anniversary Edition – $3.99

This War of Mine is a survival title.  As civilians in a war torn area, you must try to gather food and medicine while fighting off hostile scavengers coming to take your shelter.  It’s a stressful and emotional affair, and perfect for those who like games that challenge you to survive against all odds.

Pony Island – $1.74

Pony Island is a weird game… but considering its normal price is just $4.99 and how much it’s been discounted it’s worth it just for the trip it gives you.  What starts as a simple game about a pony jumping over obstacles turns sinister as Satan forces you into the game and makes it so that you can never escape.

Azure Striker Gunvolt – $3.74

Since Inafune left Capcom, the Mega Man series has more or less died (except for re-releases such as the Legacy Collection), but Inafune has gone on to create other games that’s in the spirit of the Blue Bomber.  Other than the ill-received Mighty No. 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt captures the essence of the Mega Man Zero series of games in particular, and is pretty good to boot.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition – $9.99

Ori and the Blind Forest is a beautiful indie platformer, originally only for the Xbox family of systems.  Now, though, the game is available on Steam, and it’s well worth a playthrough.  This Definitive Edition is the same price as the normal one, and features new areas, story bits, and abilities.

Astebreed – $4.94

If shoot-’em-ups are your thing, Astebreed is the game to get this sale.  While the story is a bit on the overwrought side, Astebreed offers fun and ever-changing gameplay that’s perfect for high score chasing and replays.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – $5.09

This stand alone expansion to Far Cry 3 takes the shooter in a ridiculous direction.  Poking fun at the absurdity of 80’s and 90’s action flicks, Blood Dragon is sure to entertain a number of gamers, even those who may not enjoy the base Far Cry series.

Legend of Grimrock II – $9.59

If you’re looking for a modern first person dungeon crawler similar to older classics like Wizardry, there aren’t many options available.  Thankfully for you, the Legend of Grimrock II will scratch that itch perfectly.  The original game is also available!

Which Steam games did you pick up this sale?  Let us know in the comments!


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