The CheckOut is ALIVE!!

By on April 22, 2013


Dear loyal Ben’s fans, cubicle warriors, Reddit addicts, bored college students sitting in class, cats who have learned how to type, Bill Shatner, grandmothers who like to forward emails from their AOL account, people who write one-star Yelp reviews, anyone who uses Internet words in real life, lurkers, people in Starbucks pretending to write a novel, Ghetto Dogs (you know who you are) and all other fellow travelers of the Internet Tubes:

Today you bear witness to the BIRTH of The CheckOut. The CheckOut is the geeky, Internet-addicted cousin to Ben’s Bargains, which has been saving online bargain hunters bundles of cash since it started way back in 2000.

Here’s some of what you can you expect to see on The CheckOut:

  • Features and Ben’s Bytes: We’ll be sharing how-to’s, thoughts on the tech industry, insights into online shopping and other life-changing lists. Check out 5 Signs That You’ve Become a True Home Theater Enthusiast for some amusing soul-searching.
  • Awesomeness: The tubes of the Internets are filled with wonder (and memes), and we’ll be bringing you what catches our eye and makes us laugh. Check out Five Amazing Movie Object Posters for some truly eye-catching designs.
  • Giveaways: It wouldn’t be Ben’s Bargains without some sweet giveaways! To celebrate our launch week, we’ll be giving away geeky cool prizes Monday through Friday, starting with a couple of the awesome T-shirts in our buyer’s guide. Check out the post here to enter: 10 Character T-Shirts Worth Wearing.

We’re glad you could join us! Get out there, explore a few posts and lay some comments on us!

About Joe Warner

I'm the senior editor of The CheckOut. I am an aficionado of shiny gadgets and classic Hollywood movies and can also tell you the names of the late '80s Swedish Davis Cup team members.

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