Shut Up and Take My Money: Mohu Channels

By on February 26, 2014

Shut Up and Take My MoneyIdeal for anyone that’s interested in ditching expensive cable or satellite bills, the creators of the Mohu Leaf antenna are developing a new product that’s specifically targeted at cordcutters.

Called Mohu Channels, the device will act as a set-top box of sorts, but without any need for subscription fees like the TiVo set-top box. In addition to providing local channel listings, it will also provide access to streaming content on popular apps like Netflix or Hulu Plus.

Basically, you plug your HD antenna into the Mohu Channels and plug the device into your HDTV. When you turn on your television, you will see a list of channels as well as a programming guide. There’s also a function within the Mohu Channels interface that will allow you to scan for channels and view the strength of the signal based off the current placement of your HD antenna, excellent for choosing the best spot.


In addition to streaming video applications (basically anything in the Google Play Store), a Mohu Channels user will be able to access the Web as well using the included Android browser. It supports both HTML5 and Flash, thus you can fire up videos from the Web interface. To navigate around the Web, the remote control acts as a motion controller for the on-screen cursor and there’s an included keyboard on the back for typing Web addresses or searching for content on Netflix.

At the moment, the Mohu Channels is currently in beta form and there’s a Kickstarter project set up to support the launch of the new product. If you already have an antenna, you can pick up the Mohu Channels for $90 as an early backer. There are also deals designed to reward backers that also want the Mohu antenna. The target launch window for the device is during June 2014. The project has been in the works for a couple years now, thus the risk of missing the June 2014 delivery window is likely low.

You can check out a few pictures of the remote and interface below:




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