What are Amazon Coins? Ben’s Guide to Racking up the Coinage

By on May 16, 2014

If you aren’t familiar with the virtual currency, Amazon launched Amazon Coins approximately one year ago to encourage Kindle Fire users to purchase more applications, games and purchases within the apps.

Basically, you can purchase the coins at a discount on Amazon (usually between 4 to 10 percent), then purchase software on Amazon.com or through your Kindle device. These apps can be used on the Kindle tablets, the recently released Fire TV and likely the future Kindle smartphone that Amazon is rumored to release this year.

Up to this point, Amazon has induced small virtual bonuses on app purchases in the form of Amazon Coins. For instance, if you purchase Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Amazon for $6.99 (699 coins), you will earn a bonus of 350 coins (an additional $3.50 to spend). You will also receive the bonus if you purchase the application with coins, thus only costing you $3.50 in total. These 25 to 50 percent bonus offers are somewhat common on popular apps. If you hunt around, you can even find higher offers. For instance, Sonic 2 offers a 80% bonus at the moment (240 coins for a $2.99 purchase).


Can I earn Amazon Coins with spending money?

YES. Amazon appears to be opening up the floodgates on earning coins as of late. One such current offer is purchasing GTA: San Andreas for $6.99 and earning 2000 Amazon Coins ($20). However, since you can purchase that with Amazon Coins, you are better off racking up free coin bonuses first. Here’s how:

At the time of this article’s publication (5/16/14), you can purchase these nine photos apps for free and earn 900 Amazon Coins in the process. You don’t have to install them on any device, simply purchase them and each purchase will credit 100 coins to your account. With those 900 points, you can then purchase GTA: San Andreas for 699 coins (plus your state tax in coins) in order to earn 2000 more coins. Roughly, you will end up with about 2100 to 2200 coins, 9 free photos apps and a free copy of San Andreas just for clicking your mouse a few times.

If you missed out on the deal listed above, fret not. One of Amazon’s marketing managers recently posted on Reddit that these type of coin promotions will occur more frequently in the future. You can also keep an eye on the Ben’s deal feed to see Amazon Coin promotions that will help you earn more free money.

The latest deal (5-19-14) is very similar. You can download five free apps to earn 1000 coins, then pay for GTA with the coins. Enjoy!

Amazon Coins Quick FAQ:

  1. What’s the exchange rate of Coins to dollars? 100 coins for every $1, basically 1 penny each.
  2. Can I use points on movies or television shows? NO. Apps, games and in-app purchases only.
  3. Do Amazon Coins expire? YES. Amazon Coins will expire approximately one year from acquiring the points. For instance, If you receive points on May 10th, 2014, they will expire on May 31st, 2015.
  4. How do I see my Amazon Coins Transaction History? Technically, you can’t see see how you are accumulating coins at this time. However, you can see a record of your digital orders using the My Account menu.

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