From YouTube: Elders Drop Some Wisdom on the Batman V Superman Trailer

By on July 31, 2015

The loudest voices are often the youngest ones. It’s time to let the wiser among us splatter the internet with their opinions on the latest Batman v Superman trailer. Enter a new Elders React video from YouTube’s Fine Brothers Entertainment – the perspective on this “hot button issue” in today’s oh-so-important debate is refreshing in itself.

And, of course, Superman would win (barring deux ex machina in the form of alien minerals).

You see, screaming children, this is how you enjoy all the crazy shit Hollywood is putting out these days. You remember that movies lacked sound and color in the beginning. Also, Christopher Reeves is obviously sexier than stone-faced Henry Cavill.

A couple notable quotes:

  • “He’s running into it, what’s wrong with this dude!” followed up by “Here’s comes 9/11” (perhaps the most apt description of this entire genre of film).
  • “The guy who started Facebook is in this.”
  • “Very confusing. Who’s the good guy?”
  • “Is that Xena?”
  • “Well that was sort of like taking absolutely everything from every place you could possibly think of and gush it all together.” That might be a better description.

Be sure to watch the follow-up questions for a bit of a history lesson on the perception of comics and, specifically, Superman and Batman. This is from people who don’t worship these characters like some would the Bible.

Batman v Superman Trailer Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016. That said, what we’re all truly anticipating is the next Batman v Superman trailer, release date still pending.

Until then, we’re sure to eat up trailers for Captain America: Civil WarSuicide Squad and, if we’re lucky, a teaser trailer for the next Batman v Superman trailer, which in itself is likely to receive much simultaneous backlash and praise.

I can’t wait! (I’m serious).

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