Twelve Amazing Movie Infographics

By on July 9, 2023

We really love infographics, especially smart, savvy ones that pay homage to all my favorite pop culture references and movies. I’ve collected twelve of the coolest movie related infographics on the Web ranging from movie monsters to how to react in case of a Aliens versus Predator scenario. Seriously, don’t you want to be prepared when the alien onslaught begins?!

Movie Monsters!

Have you ever wondered how gigantic those Movie Monsters actually are? Do you spend your days constantly wondering if Mr. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man could take Megatron in a fight to the death? What about a Rancor versus Godzilla? Fear not, the first infographic comes from GeekStir, a movie-related blog that took on monsters ranging from King Kong to Clover and stacked them up to a size comparison infographic. Click the picture for a full size view:

Movie Monsters Infographic

Who loves a good Trilogy?

Dan Meth, over at the creatively named, really likes trilogies. So much so that he decided to rank twenty-one movie trilogies watched over the years ranging from Lord of the Rings to Rambo. His sentiments possibly mirror many of our own about the quality of said trilogies. Take a look:

Trilogy Meter Infographic

Trapped in Puppy Limbo

If you have been watching repeats of Inception on TNT recently, you are probably wondering what the hell is going on in that movie. I’m convinced all the characters are just part of an extremely complex dream that’s going on inside the head of this puppy. That definitely makes the most sense to me, but if you don’t buy into the dreaming puppy theory, here’s an infographic to illustrate all the incepty inceptions.


To Infinity and Beyond!

Now, who doesn’t love at least one Pixar movie? I bet you would be hard pressed to name a Pixar flick that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, even just a little bit. Seriously, if you didn’t shed a single tear during the first twenty minutes of Up, you are probably a monster. Juan Pablo Bravo (blog here) has taken the majority of Pixar created characters and popped them into a GIANT size comparison chart spread over the years.  Warning, when you click here for this picture, get ready to scroll to the left and right:

Pixar infographic

Solo packed everything but The Force

Movie quotes should roll off the tongue for any movie-addicted film geek, so why not put them in infographic form? That’s exactly what FlowingData thought as well. Check out quotes from great movies such as Casablanca, Sudden Impact and The Godfather:

Famous Movie Quotes

Quite Possibly the Greatest Story Ever Told

I like to call this the greatest infographic that you will ever see about a movie that you will likely never see, MegaShark Versus Giant Octopus.  (YouTube link to the ludicrous scene that this is based on). This infographic comes from Stephen Taubmann (website here) and is absolutely stunning.  Click the picture below to see the full infographic in PDF form:


It’s a Mobius Strip, I tell ya!

Time travel can be confusing, especially when you get sent back in time to get killed by a younger version of yourself. If you watched Looper and couldn’t figure out what happened by the time the credits rolled, this is the infographic for you. The crew at came up with a handy image to help you understand all those crazy loops!

Looper Infographic

Outta Time!

Have you ever wondered how movie timelines would look if they overlapped with each other?  Even more thought-provoking, what happens if Marty McFly meets the crew from Star Trek and they battle it out with a Terminator?!  Don’t fret, the folks at InformationisBeautiful sorted it out for you.  Click the picture below to see a larger version:

Timeline Infographic

Delicious Brains

Quick, what do you do when you get attacked by zombies?! Too late, while you were trying to remember the rules of Zombieland, a walker just took a bite out of your neck. If only you had a handy flowchart to see how long you could live before the Zombie Apocalypse finally catches up with you. Gameinformer is here to help:

Zombie Flowchart

Take the Green Line to North by Northwest

Movie genres collide in this handy guide designed after a typical subway metro map in a place like New York City. Take the greatest movies of all time, plot them out by genre and this creation by is the result.  It’s too big to link to the picture, so check it out by clicking here.


Where’s Schwarzenegger when you need him?

Taking another pass at the infographic designs of Stephen Taubmann, he takes on Alien Vs. Predator this time. This helpful guide will tell you which species will come out on top after the s@%t hits the fan. Click here to find out who lives and who dies:

Alien versus Predator

MegaMind – The Indie Film Version

Let’s assume for a moment that you don’t actually enjoy the complex and thought-provoking work of the highly esteemed film director, Mr. Michael Bay. I bet you are one of those mass market film geeks that’s into the Criterion collection, Woody Allen and every Indie film you can get your hands on. Pffft! Typical sellout… Anyway, here’s what your head looks like, buddy!


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