This Variant Batman Figure Absolutely Needs His Own Movie

By on June 7, 2015

Did your eyes roll when you saw Ben Affleck’s batsuit? So serious, so bland – not unlike an unhealthy majority of Affleck’s starring roles. Not unlike Zack Snyder’s general understanding of scene-setting and teenage fantasy cinematography. If your eyes rolled, perhaps this latest variant figure from Square Enix will do the opposite:

Batman Figure Square Enix

It might not have anything to do with Batman in the American culture, but can’t you just see him trying to save Tokyo from a katana-wielding Joker underboss? If anything, the element of fear so essential to the character is ratcheted up beyond anything we’ve seen from the recent Batman flicks.

Batman on Ben’s

This figure, which falls under the Play Arts brand at Square Enix and stands at about 11 inches tall, was designed by a guy named Tetsuya Nomura. It follows in line with much of the Star Wars Play Arts figures we’ve featured recently, sharpening out the edges in a more Japanese tradition. Batman here marks the most dramatic transformation yet.

Here’s Square Enix’s predictably melodramatic description:

“Based on a radical interpretation of BATMAN, this figure boasts a second set of arms that extend from the back to shapeshift between a closed “deactivated mode” and a wide-open “activated mode.” When combined with the included wrist pieces, the figure seems to express emotion through it. The paintwork consists of a rich black and a deep red, with a translucent visor and thick coat of glossy paint which brings out the intensity of this dark hero. The blades in his arm, an acceleration booster on his chest, and an arsenal of Batarangs stowed in his leg compartment are a sight to behold. The sheer presence that exudes from this figure reflects the impactful creativity that flows out of Tetsuya Nomura.”

Batman Figure Square EnixThe variant Batman figure is available for pre-order right now over on Square Enix’s website for $250. It comes out on Oct. 5.


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